Tea Party Still Isn't Ready for Romney

Tea partiers who don't support Romney, perhaps realizing that none of the other candidates are likely to get enough delegates to win the nomination, have begun talking more about the possibility of a "brokered" Republican convention in the summer, meaning that if none of the four candidates have enough delegates, the process essentially resets to a vote.

"The idea of an open or a brokered convention is becoming much more attractive to members of the tea party and the conservative movement just for the simple reason that what we get out of it may not be great, but it would be better than Romney," said Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation, who has endorsed Gingrich.

Kremer said she's been "hearing more and more chatter" in her email inbox and social media about tea partiers hoping for a brokered convention so that they'll have a voice in determining the nominee.

"Some people think it would be a disaster if we got there, and others think it's a very real possibility, or whatever, but the bottom line is, the people want to have a say in the matter," she said.

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