Leonsis Talks Sports, Business and America's Future

Do you think that's a good thing?

It's like oxygen -- get used to it.

In your blog, "Ted's Take," you recently wrote that "no one is empathetic in pro sports." Does the same apply to politics?

In pro sports, you are what your record says you are. That's very much like politics. The president won, he got the most votes, so he gets to set the agenda. In sports, if you win games, it's self-evident in the standings. If you're close in games, and you lose, you're still the loser. It's very binary, just like politics.

As a business leader, what do you think the Obama administration should be doing to encourage job-creators and get the economy going in his second term?

I think there has to be a re-embracing of our business leaders, continuing work like the administration did on the jobs act, and anything the administration can do to get rid of bureaucracy and to encourage small businesses to not outsource and to grow in the United States, so that they can hire people and grow their businesses so that they can pay taxes.

Going into the election, the administration was looked at as adversarial toward business. The administration needs to heal that, to re-embrace business, and understand that we are in it together.

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