Bush Approval Rating at New Career Low

The public overwhelmingly says the United States is not doing enough to keep illegal immigrants out of the country. One-third approves of the way the president is handling immigration issues, which has been steady the last few years. But the number who disapprove has crept up to a new high, 61 percent in the latest ABC/Washington Post poll. That disapproval runs steady across regions of the country, from the South and West to the Midwest and East alike.

Meanwhile, just 21 percent say the United States is doing enough to keep illegals out, while 75 percent say it's not doing enough. That view again crosses regions: two-thirds in the South and West say the government is not doing enough to prevent illegal immigration, as do three-quarters in the Midwest and East. And it's one of those rare issues that cross party and ideological lines, with majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents, and most liberals, moderates and conservatives alike, in agreement that the government isn't doing enough to keep illegals out.

The intensity of this view, moreover, runs high -- a majority of Americans, 56 percent, feel "strongly" that the U.S. isn't doing enough to prevent illegals from gaining entry to this country.

ABC News polls can be found by clicking here.

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