Senator's Wife Finds Herself at Center of Storm

The Vitters, like the Clintons, remain married.

One political spouse who left her husband after a sex scandal was Dina McGreevey, former first lady of New Jersey.

After four years of marriage and allegations of a blackmail plot to out him, Jim McGreevey announced he is gay and stepped down as governor of New Jersey in 2004.

Dutifully, Dina McGreevey stood at his side at that momentous news conference.

McGreevey told that it was her decision to stand with her husband during his announcement because she believed it was her job as a faithful wife.

"Contrary to what has been reported, I made up my own mind to be there," McGreevey told "I had done nothing wrong. He was my husband and you can't just flip a switch and decide you don't love him anymore. He married me for political gains. My feelings were real. His marriage was a hoax; mine was not," she said.

McGreevey said she did not know Suzanne Craig and cautioned against judging the couple too quickly.

"I certainly don't know what the truth is in this case and I'm sure in the days to come we'll learn what happened. I watched her on TV and could see the pain in her face. … I just felt like 'here I am all over again standing next to my husband.'"

McGreevey said the coming days will be difficult for the Idaho senator's wife.

"I couldn't step out my front door. I was constantly being followed by reporters and photographers. All I wanted to do was go out and buy diapers for my daughter and I couldn't because I knew my picture would wind up on the front page of the papers. … Mrs. Craig needs her privacy right now. This is going to be a difficult time for her. With the added component of media attention, it will be too much to bear."

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