Elizabeth Edwards Scorns Her Husband's Mistress

"This is the part where you have to concentrate on your own life. Whatever the facts are doesn't change my life, in that sense," she said. "I don't see an upside of making it part of my life. ? He doesn't know any more than I do about this."

In her book, Edwards apparently does not address the issue of who fathered Hunter's daughter.

In it, she also lashed out at Hunter, calling her life "pathetic" and in the interview with Winfrey, she detailed how her husband told her the affair began.

"What John said is that this woman spotted him in the hotel in which he was staying," she said. "He was meeting someone in the restaurant bar area, and she verified with someone who he worked with that it was John. John went to dinner at a nearby restaurant, and when he walked back to the hotel, she was standing in front of the hotel. She said to him, 'You are so hot.'

"I can't deliver it because I don't know how you deliver such a line as that," Edwards added, laughing.

"This person is very different from me, and really very different from him," she said. "We're basically old-fashioned people. So, this was a pretty big leap for him. Maybe it's being so different is what was attractive."

Edwards, who fought her first bout with breast cancer in 2005, was diagnosed again during her husband's presidential campaign, this time finding out that it could not be cured.

"Being sick meant a number of things. One, that my life is going to be less long, and I didn't want to spend it fighting. ... I was reminded constantly of how supportive he'd been and how great he'd been. ... I didn't want it [the affair] to define our marriage. ? If you take that piece out, I do have a perfect marriage. ? The times when I've been in enormous pain, he's been at my side," she said.

Her treatment includes chemo pills she takes at home and intravenous medication every two weeks. She has a port in her chest for the medication.

"Maybe my cancer is a bigger thing in their life then this woman passing through," she said.

Edwards said she still feels angry and hurt, and doubts herself at times, but she has realized that it was not about her.

"I am now a different person. The way we were is no longer," she wrote in her book. "That's really the entire meaning of the book ... is that we resist any kind of change ... Start saying what's the best I can make of what I have right now. ... [Fairy tales are] not real for most people. There are all sorts of things that are going to interrupt the dream you had," she said.

The Campaign

Even when she knew the full truth, Edwards threw herself behind her husband's campaign. When her breast cancer returned in March 2007, she urged him to continue his run.

"Once they hear him speak, once they feel his passion, once they understand he is the truth teller in this race," Elizabeth Edwards said in January 2008 about her husband's presidential bid.

Lagging behind Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, John Edwards dropped out of the Democratic race in January 2008.

However, her book tells a different story. Elizabeth Edwards writes in the book that she had initially wanted her husband to quit the race because she was afraid the affair would raise destructive questions for her family, according to the Daily News.

"He should not have run," she wrote.

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