Secretary of State John Kerry Interview With Martha Raddatz from Doha Transcript


RADDATZ: Can you just tell me what you want to do differently? What you see the next four years going? What the Kerry approach to foreign policy is?

KERRY: Well first of all, let me emphasize it's not the Kerry approach to foreign policy. It's the Obama's approach. It's President Obama's approach and his administration. I certainly will weigh in with my ideas and views. That's what he asked me to do when taking on this job. And obviously you know me well enough to know I have some views about some things I think we ought to do, but it's up to the president to make those choices.

And I'm not going to get in to, you know, I'm a few weeks in to this job. I'm not going to start playing the legacy or the evaluations game. I'm going to work day to day as hard as I can to protect America's interests, to promote our economic opportunity, to advance our values in the world, and day to day you'll be able to measure what we're doing.

And at the end of four years you guys will write about whatever you want to. But in the end, the American people and President Obama will judge what we do.

RADDATZ: Thank you sir. Appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

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