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John DiStaso's Granite Status Notes that Sen. Evan Bayh will be appearing in New Hampshire in late October as the #1 man at the state Democrats' #2 money-gathering gathering -- the Jefferson-Jackson fundraiser. Mark Warner could pop out of a Granite State corner even sooner. DiStaso also mentions an arguably unknown talent of Dr./Leader/Sen. Frist: making negative New Hampshire ad campaigns disappear. All it took was his promotion (of stem cell research) and a promise (to send the death tax bill to the floor). LINK

2008: Democrats:

As Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) prepares for a possible 2008 presidential bid, Indianapolis Monthly serves up a colorful and comprehensive analysis of the junior Senator's politics and political ambitions, stopping along the way to diagnose all that is ailing his fellow True-Blues.

According to Chris Cillizza, John Kerry's 2004 defeat signals five deep-seated problems in the Democratic Party best addressed by a "Midwesterner, moderate Democrat, former red-state governor, family man," in short, a man like Bayh. LINK

"What Bayh's supporters see in their man is a new kind of Democrat who understands the needs and concerns of folks living in the country's vast middle because he shares them," Cillizza writes. Despite talk of Bayh's qualifications and political ambitions, however, the IM also takes Note of his relatively low name-recognition which has sparked many to urge the Senator to turn on the charisma and court a national audience now. Cillizza's conclusion: the Hossier politician is approaching his run for the presidential office the same way he approaches a marathon: slow and steady, but likely with a few surprises up his sleeve.

Gordon Fischer had dinner (at Centro, not 801) with Sen. Bayh and others Tuesday evening. Fischer's blog has all the details including the Senator's familiarity with the film "Zoolander" and his "perfect" hair. LINK

"Sen. Hillary Clinton is in tip-top shape as she prepares to run for reelection, with a new poll showing her drubbing two possible Republican rivals, Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro and Manhattan lawyer Ed Cox," writes Joe Mahoney of the New York Daily News in his look at the latest Quinnipiac University poll numbers. LINK

The Quad City Times reports that a ruling yesterday determined that Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack could not free himself from a temporary order "barring him from automatically granting voting rights to felons who have served their prison sentences." LINK

2008: Republicans: George Will defends Sen. Frist in a must-read, spot-on column on stem cell research. LINK

Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) chews the fat with New York Times reporter Deborah Solomon in the upcoming New York Times Magazine "Questions for" column. They discuss everything from state sovereignty to his possible bid for the 2008 presidency. But the focus is more on America's failing bill of health than Huckabee's politics or future plans. And, of course, the Huckabee one-liners are included.

"'It's one of those few times when a politician actually likes to lose,' the Governor laughs. 'It…means that I am a much smaller target than I used to be.'"

And what's the skinny on why Huckabee deems diet and exercise so crucial? The "best-known dieter in politics" reckons America's current lifestyle excessive, lazy and as much in need of immediate reform as Social Security.

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