The Note: When The Dog Bites

President Bush visits with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the White House today, with a joint press availability following at 11:15 am ET. That'll be the first chance to question the President about the weekend's developments, if the press corps so chooses. (The President hosts a state dinner tonight in honor of the Prime Minister at 8:00 pm ET.)

Secretary of State Rice, who is featured in Howard Fineman's Newsweek cover story about the Plame leak, has a busy schedule of meetings with the Indian Prime Minister. At this writing, there are no chances to throw a question to her, though her 1:00 pm ET working lunch with Mr. Singh is open to the press.

Watch carefully for gaps in the President's schedule this week; he is expected to meet with a true short list of potential Supreme Court nominees. Strategists believe that if the President makes up his mind soonish, an announcement of the pick could come by the end of this week.

Why did Attorney General Gonzales cancel his planned visit to the U.S. Attorney's office in Boston this morning?

On Capitol Hill, both chambers continue debate on foreign operations spending. The House plans a debate on the Patriot Act reauthorization. House and Senate conferees meet to hash out an energy bill for the president to sign before the recess. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist may bring any one of a half dozen cell bills to the floor.

At 9:30 am ET, the Foreign Relations committee holds a hearing on the future of Iraq.

In Philadelphia today, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings address the National Council of La Raza. The program begins at 12:30 pm ET. (RNC chairman Ken Mehlman speaks there Tuesday.)

Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) is expected to be named the new chairman of the National Governors Association at the group's annual summer meeting today in Des Moines. Huckabee will likely highlight his "Healthy America" initiative focused on getting Americans to take better care of their bodies and his fight against the root causes of childhood obesity.

Bill Clinton joins a growing list of VIPs to visit Africa with a three-day visit to the continent that began yesterday. The former president will travel to Mozambique, Lesotho, and South Africa (for a visit with Nelson Mandela) as part of his foundation's HIV/AIDS Initiative. We hope you saw Robin Roberts' exclusive coverage of all this on Good Morning America -- there will be more on ABC News coming up.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard addresses the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on emerging trade and business opportunities in the Land Downunder at 6:45 pm ET. The Australian-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and the recent granting of the E-3 visa category to Australia will be discussed.

Tomorrow, Karl Rove is scheduled to make an appearance at a Washington, D.C. fundraiser with Rep. Jim Gerlach (R-PA).

At 9:30 am ET on Wednesday, Matt Cooper and Time editor Norman Pearlstine appear at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on media shield legislation. And there might be more grand jury action this week as well.

See the end of The Note for the rest of the week's schedule.

The Plame leak investigation: news of day:

Watch closely Bloomberg's Keil and Roberts: they clearly are well sourced on this one. Today they say: LINK

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