The Note: Case By Case

The Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont compares the all-around candidate stats -- and projected performance ratings -- in a potential Bayh vs. Vilsack match up. Whereas Gov. Vilsack doesn't have that pesky, heavily-scrutinized Hill voting record trailing him around, he lacks the Senate national security credentials of Evan Bayh. LINK

Maureen Groppe of the Indianapolis Star writes that Sen. Bayh is playing the Iowa field early (just as an initially unknown Jimmy Carter once did in Bayh's father's political days) before settling in on a 2008 presidential bid. Adhering to a win-'em-over-just-in-case campaign strategy, the Senator has spent these Hawkeye days getting personal (with the likes of Rep. Leonard Boswell) and making policy (proposals). The latter includes boosting national security morale and increasing employment. LINK

The Washington Post's Brian Faler thinks it's too soon to tell what the effect of Vilsack's restoration of voting rights for felons will be in Iowa, though he Notes that it's expected to help Democrats. LINK

Sen. Clinton (D-NY) and former Rep. Susan Molinari (R-NY) "gushed over one another" yesterday, reports the New York Daily News. LINK

The New York Post tries to create controversy regarding Sen. Clinton and some transportation money from the Feds. LINK

The Washington Post's Brian Faler sees an "awkward problem" for Hillary Clinton in a new Quinnipiac poll: "A clear majority of her constituents want Clinton to pledge to serve a full six-year term. Sixty percent -- including 59 percent of Democrats -- said they want her to promise to serve a complete term." LINK

2008: Republicans:

Gov. Pataki formally vetoes the morning after pill bill. LINK and LINK

A New York Post op-ed piece attacks Sen. McCain for his Reform Institute ties. LINK

Gov. Romney is having a hard time getting his nominee for a juvenile court judgeship confirmed. < LINK


Second-day stories on Sen. Corzine and his ex-girlfriend from the New York Times and New York Post. LINK and LINK

The New Times' Cardwell writes about Ferrer vs. Bloomberg on housing, leading to Loeser (slashing) and Koch (so cynical). LINK

Dean's Democrats:

Deborah Orin (playing for the New York Post) stirs herself to write about Howard Dean verging towards (in her view) public irrelevance. LINK


Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey is set to write a "tell-all" book, reports the Associated Press. ReganBooks will publish the tome, but no word on when it will come out (so to speak) nor on how much McGreevey is getting paid for it. However, the AP does inform that McGreevey has an unpublished telephone number. LINK

Melanie Eversley writes for USA Today that the Voting Rights Act, portions of which expire in 2007, "remains a hedge against discriminatory election practices long after the civil-rights battles in the South ended." LINK

Rep. Tom DeLay spoke on immigration law last night, and said he supported legislation that would withhold federal funding to cities that do not enforce immigration laws. DeLay was openly criticized the city of Houston for being an immigrant, "sanctuary," and supported local police who find illegal immigrants. "If you pick up 50 or 100 of them, you can call the National Guard . . . . Put them in tents'" LINK

In preparation for the Democratic National Leadership Summit in September. Sen. Reid met with young Latinos in Houston yesterday, who urged the Senator to further job and educational opportunities. LINK

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