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David Kirkpatrick of the New York Times -- owning his beat -- previews Justice Sunday the Sequel and looks at the debate and posturing on religion, Judge Roberts, and what Senators can properly ask him. LINK

The New York Times reads more inconclusive, color-laden Roberts memos. LINK

"As a Justice Department lawyer in the early 1980s, John G. Roberts Jr. said it was regrettable that the Reagan administration had not pressed the Supreme Court to uphold a Texas law barring the children of illegal immigrants from attending public schools, according to documents released Thursday," write the Los Angeles Times' Reynolds and Savage of the latest Roberts memos to be made public. LINK


If Abramoff (and therefore DeLay) garners this much attention for a completely unrelated case to the one being investigated in Washington, just imagine the tenor of the coverage when/if that grand jury makes its intentions known.

The Washington Post's James Grimaldi writes that "Abramoff's dealings with SunCruz were intertwined with his relationships with powerful members of Congress and their staffs. As the negotiations warmed up, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's office -- he was the House minority whip then -- gave Boulis a flag that had flown over the Capitol. And as the SunCruz deal was closing, Abramoff brought his lead financier to a DeLay fundraiser in the lobbyist's box at FedEx Field during a Monday Night Football game between the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys." LINK

Grimaldi also reports that Mike Scanlon's lawyers "been in discussions with the Justice Department for several months."

The Los Angeles Times waits until paragraph two to mention Tom DeLay's name. LINK

The New York Times: LINK

The Wall Street Journal story focuses heavily on the potential political implications.

"The U.S. indictment of Jack Abramoff on fraud charges in Florida may reverberate throughout Washington as federal prosecutors increase pressure on the Republican lobbyist to cooperate in other investigations," write Bloomberg's Jensen and Forsythe. LINK

The FEC sure picked an interesting day to release its findings against ARMPAC. LINK and LINK

Lawyers for DeLay, who run the committee, deny the claim arguing there are "technical" errors with the numbers, reports the Houston Chronicle. LINK

The Fitzgerald investigation:

Later today the Center for American Progress will fill the void left by the late Notice that the grand jury looking into the leak investigation will not meet today and launch a website detailing the connections of twenty-one Bush folks to the leak investigation. The hyper-organized Center says it will update the site regularly to reflect new developments in the case. LINK

In an age when the general public would be shocked at the degree to which major news organizations are wholly dependent on interest groups for their research, this one will get some Gang of 500 bookmarking.

A former federal prosecutor from California uses a Los Angeles Times op-ed to explain why she thinks all the pundits are wrong and that the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 is still very much in play in Fitzgerald's investigation. LINK

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