Wherever It Leads

The AP's Nedra Pickler includes Comerford's menu for the honorary dinner for the Indian Prime Minister last month in her write up of the glass ceiling coming off the White House kitchen. LINK

Jill Lawrence of USA Today also looks at the tryout menu. LINK

Weekend must-reads:

Sunday's Washington Post had Robin Wright and Ellen Knickmeyer with background quotes galore from American officials downgrading the pre-withdrawal goals for Iraq big time. LINK

Rick Klein's Sunday Boston Globe story looked credulously at Democratic attempts to close the national security gap. LINK

Ron Brownstein and Mark Mazzetti filled the Saturday Los Angeles Times with a look at the rhetorical gap between the White House and the military leadership on withdrawal. LINK

Dan Balz (Sunday Washington Post), Dana Milbank (Saturday Post), and Timeswoman Stolberg (Saturday New York Times) all wrote brilliantly about the implications of the NARAL ad being pulled off the air and the deeper meaning for Democrats. LINK and LINK and LINK

The fabulously talented Jennifer Senior has in her New York magazine cover story one of the best pieces anyone has done on the post-presidential Bill Clinton -- no news, but tons of access, great quotes, fabulous scenes, and Mike McCurry as Mike McCurry. LINK

Mark Z. Barabak in Sunday's Los Angeles Times on Bill Richardson, whose staff will appreciate the largely favorable nature of the piece and the use of euphemisms. LINK

Social Security:

Paul Krugman's opinionated review of the Bush push on Social Security includes the laughable Notion that the punditocracy favored private accounts. LINK

Bush agenda:

The Washington Post ed board asks "Which is the party of big government?" and takes the President to task for signing the $286.4 billion highway bill last week. LINK

The AP reports that President Bush's second-term approval numbers are not nearly as high as his predecessors. LINK

Beware the Medicare prescription drug benefit marketing blitz.

From the Wall Street Journal's Lueck: "At the moment, companies' drug plans and advertising are being reviewed by Medicare. Marketing can begin Oct. 1 and enrollment Nov. 15. But some companies, anxious to snag a big chunk of the potentially lucrative seniors' market, already are offering beneficiaries general information -- in part to boost name recognition and the chance that seniors will be receptive to their product-oriented pitches later."

Roll Call's Chris Cillizza reports on some Republicans feeling momentum for the President's agenda including Social Security reform which Dan Mattoon says we should look out for at the very end of the session.

Judy Keen uses her Crawford duty to size up the race to host the Bush 43 presidential library. LINK

The economy:

Steve Forbes pushes his flat tax rate plan on the opinion page of the Wall Street Journal.

House of Labor:

The Wall Street Journal runs no less than three stories today on the troubles within the union movement and the challenges that are ahead.

Hillary Clinton and Jeanine Pirro:

The New York Post wood trumpets "Pirro Hubby Bombshell: Love Child Peace Bid," in a story about how Al Pirro promised to buy his so-called "love child" (now a mother of two herself) a new car on the day Jeanine Pirro announced for Senate. The quotes from Pirro's ex-mistress (a/k/a the mother of the "love child") are straight out of fiction and not good news for the Pirro campaign. LINK

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