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The Senate's Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee holds a 10:00 am ET hearing on Katrina's effects on small businesses in Russell 428-A.

The House Energy and Commerce panel holds a 9:30 am ET hearing on "Assessing Public Health and Delivery of Care in the Wake of Katrina" in Rayburn 2123.

Katrina: politics and policy:
f The Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman reports that President Bush and Gov. Haley Barbour's plans to give tax breaks for casinos to rebuild in Mississippi is a break with tradition and not, in fact, how things have been done in the state up until this point, despite what the good governor said yesterday. LINK

The Washington Post's David Broder criticizes the Bush Administration for insisting on each state to negotiate its own waiver from the rules limiting eligibility for Medicaid benefits rather than making all the evacuees Medicaid-eligible for the next five months as supported by the NGA as well as the Republican and Democratic Senate Leaders and the ranking Democrat on the Finance Committee. LINK

Former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, author of the forthcoming "Cities in the Wilderness" by Island Press, pens a Washington Post op-ed about what Florida can teach us. LINK

James Lee Witt has been hired by The National Disaster Search Dog Rescue Foundation to help the group obtain more government funding, The Hill reports. LINK

Katrina: 2008:

David Brooks, proving yet again that he is the best columnist today writing about the Democratic Party, looks at this week's Kerry and Edwards Katrina-driven speeches -- finding the former angry and unconstructive, and the latter thoughtful and productive -- and then closes with a final graph as must-readable as the whole piece: LINK

"I have discussions with my Democratic friends over whether the party will snap back to Clintonite centrism after the polarizing Bush leaves town. Some think yes. I suspect no. As Kerry's speech shows, the emotional tenor of the party has changed. The donors are aroused. Bush may end up changing the Democratic Party more than his own."

The Boston Globe's Tom Oliphant liked Kerry's speech better than Brooks did. LINK

Kane Webb, the deputy editorial page editor of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, writes a mash Note to Governor Huckabee for his Katrina perf with a "North Little Rock" dateline on the Wall Street Journal editorial page.

The Washington Post has former GOP House speaker Newt Gingrich saying of the post-Katrina period: "This is one of the most important moments in modern history, and in the next three to four weeks we will find out if the party is ready and able to govern." LINK

Katrina: the economy

In bloodless tones, the Wall Street Journal's Gold and Herrick have a comprehensive look at how Rita+Katrina might impact the energy sector.

The politics of Iraq:

The Washington Post's Ann Scott Tyson writes up a GAO report showing that the Pentagon has "no accurate knowledge" of the cost of military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan or the fight against terrorism, limiting Congress's ability to oversee spending. "The GAO said the problem is rooted in long-standing weaknesses in the Pentagon's outmoded financial management system, which is designed to handle small-scale contingencies." LINK

Cindy Sheehan goes to Washington, per USA Today. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Daragahi says Cindy Shaheen is big in Baghdad (too). LINK

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