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This morning's editorial in the Union-Leader seethes over the city's mayoral ballot, which does not list the parties of any of the candidates. The editors write that this system benefits Democrats by depriving voters of information, and say keeping "city elections rigged in such a fashion is a travesty." LINK


Gubernatorial hopeful Michael Blouin will win the endorsement today of state Senate Democratic Leader Mike Gronstal, reports the Des Moines Register. Blouin's campaign manager says it will be the first of several endorsements by high-profile Iowa Democrats. Among the others: Sen. Mike Connolly, who says Blouin's pro-life stance will play well in heavily Catholic Dubuque. LINK

Denise O'Brien, a Democratic farmer, is considering a run for Iowa's secretary of agriculture, saying she'll make an official announcement in October. She joins a long list of other would-be candidates, including Dusky Terry, a former adviser to Gov. Tom Vilsack. LINK

The Schwarzenegger Era:

The Los Angeles Times' Salladay on how this November's ballot measure fights are revving up next year's gubernatorial contest early. LINK

Better late than never: Schwarzenegger has finally begun his media campaign for the special election reports Lynda Gledhill of the San Francisco Chronicle. LINK

George Will praises Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for understanding the damage that public employees unions are causing to the state and for backing "creative disturbance." LINK

The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci talks with political analyst Sherry Bebitch Jeffe who suggests that Schwarzenegger's continued support of the Minuteman organization might be an effort to energize his base and follow a "Bush-like strategy" in his upcoming special election. LINK

Bush Administration:

The Los Angeles Times' ed board, in cheering on the President's immigration reform efforts, has some good reporting on last week's White House meeting on the matter. LINK

The headline over Greg Hitt's Wall Street Journal profile of Paul Wolfowitz raises the prospect of a "kinder, gentler" man at the World Bank.


Shenon and Kornblut of the New York Times interview David Safavian's lawyer, who is alleging improper and unfortunate prosecutorial pressure. LINK

Bloomberg's Salant reports that the Abramoff probe is moving beyond the confines of "tawdry influence-peddling to threaten leading figures in the Republican hierarch that dominates Washington. LINK

Fitzgerald investigation:

When the Googling monkeys kick back to watch some high quality television -- besides ABC programs, of course -- it is usually the Gilmore Girls, (back for a fresh sixth season!), which is always is good for some comedy, some drama, and some piercing political/media/cultural insights and/or potshots. This week's highlight: As Rory, (rosy-cheeked princess, erstwhile Yalie, and dainty criminal) takes refuge in her grandparents' luxury pool house, struggling with the prospect of community service and a damaged, impounded Prius, rich Grandpa Gilmore suggests calling old friend Scooter Libby, "a man on the inside;" rich Grandma Gilmore quickly adds, "before an indictment comes down." (Note Note: Scooter Libby isn't really friends with Richard Gilmore. Richard Gilmore is fictional.) LINK and LINK

House of Labor:

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