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The Miami Herald 's Gary Fineout and Lesley Clark write, "Regardless of whether Wexler wins his lawsuit in court, state officials said Monday that they will now draw up an emergency rule requiring touch-screen counties to do manual recounts in close elections — a startling turnaround, because the state fought for months to bar such recounts." LINK

The Orlando Sentinel's Jim Stratton tracks the drive to register Floridians to vote, Noting that "so far, about 9.75 million Floridians are registered to cast ballots in the 2004 election — about 1 million more than were eligible to vote in the contested 2000 election." It's a smart follow to the New York Times Sunday story on voter registration. LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's editorial board calls the notion of a widespread disenfranchisement of African-American voters in the 2000 election a "myth."

"[The] idea that racial animus rather than all-around incompetence produced higher spoilage rates for blacks, or accounted for their misplacement on the infamously inaccurate 'felon purge list,' is fanciful at best. In Florida, as in many other states, the manner in which elections are conducted, including all of the essentials of the voting process, is determined at the county level."

"Which leaves the 'stolen election' crowd with these inconvenient facts: In 24 of the 25 Florida counties with the highest ballot spoilage rate, the county supervisor was a Democrat. In the 25th county, the supervisor was an Independent. And as for the 'felon purge list,' the Miami Herald found that whites were twice as likely to be incorrectly placed on the list as blacks."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that inaccessibility to voting for the disabled is still a major problem in the Keystone State just weeks before the election. LINK

The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled today that Independence Party candidates should have access to the Nov. 2 ballot, which means all ballots already printed in the state must be re-printed. According to state election law, absentee (including military) ballots must be printed and mailed beginning 30 days before the election, which is this weekend. The Secretary of State's office in Minnesota will surely have a busy week. LINK

Ohio Democrats are suing the Republican Secretary of State over the rules concerning provisional ballots. Stay tuned for more like this in a battleground state near you. LINK

"Republican officials say the significant number of lawyers the Democrats will dispatch to oversee balloting in the presidential election indicates that Democrats plan to demand recounts in an attempt to litigate the outcome of the contest," writes Donald Lambro of the Washington Times . "The Democrats have made the very large number of lawyers they're using part of their political message. They are playing a very high-stakes legal game for a political outcome," says the RNC's very own Terry Holt. "It's almost as if they would rather have lawyers decide this election than the voters." LINK

This e-mail is circulating among college students and Democratic lawyers in New York.

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