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The Boston Globe 's Glen Johnson writes up Sen. Kerry's visit to Florida yesterday where he attempted to appeal "for support from Florida's critical blocs of senior citizen and Jewish voters with a pledge not to privatize Social Security and a vigorous recitation of his long support for Israel." LINK

Matea Gold of the Los Angeles Times heard Kerry tie his attack on President Bush's plan to privatize Social Security into an appeal for women voters. LINK

Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi explains the ghost haunting John Kerry: Howard Dean and his strong ant-war message. She writes, "I wish Kerry had not voted to authorize Bush to take the country to war, especially since I believe Kerry did it for the wrong reason: politics." LINK

"For Kerry, the ghost of Howard Dean, presidential candidate, speaks truth. The war with Iraq was a mistake, and it is making this country — and the world — less secure. Acknowledging that is a sign of leadership."

The Note's Boston-based foreign correspondent, ex-ABC News' Gayle Tzemach, sends along this article from the Financial Times:

"Nato on Wednesday overcame long-running reservations among members about a training mission to Iraq and approved establishing a training academy in Iraq expected to be staffed with 300 soldiers. The move, which is in line with a decision by Nato leaders in June to provide help for Iraq, increases the size of a mission to the country dispatched over the summer. The renewed harmony within the alliance, however, appears unlikely to develop into any commitment to send new troops to Iraq, a scenario that Democratic US presidential candidate John Kerry is increasingly touting as a central element of his policy to resolve the conflict. "

In his wrap of the windsurf ads, the Washington Post 's Howard Kurtz writes of Kerry's plan: "Many critics have said that his suggestions to recruit more global allies and step up the training of Iraqis, which is underway, would have little impact on the violence there." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin:

Unless the SCOFLA rules otherwise, provisional ballots in Florida will not count unless voters show up to the right precinct. IF — and that's a big if — this issue is settled before Election Day, it will reduce the chances of a potentially protracted post-election legal war about provisionals in Florida.


Says the Orlando Sentinel: "Since January, registration among people 18 to 24 years old has jumped by at least one-third, or more than 55,000 new young voters, and likely more in the eight counties from Daytona Beach to St. Petersburg. Counties such as Orange more than doubled their numbers of youthful voters." LINK

The proposal to wage the minimum wage in Florida is generating a healthy amount of debate: LINK

Florida poll numbers! What a novel idea. Quinnipiac University has a poll out this morning that shows President Bush leading John Kerry by 8 points (49 — 41) among registered voters in the Sunshine State LINK

Lee Leonard of the Columbus Dispatch has everything you need to know about the status of the Ohio ballot initiative aimed at amending the constitution to ban same sex marriages in the Buckeye State. LINK

"If Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell does not invalidate 11,047 supplemental petitions by midnight, it appears that Ohioans to Protect Marriage will have enough signatures to place the issue on the statewide ballot," writes Leonard.

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