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Roll Call looks into Senator Rick Santorum's revealing remarks about his plans for 2006 or 2008, while speaking before a meeting of Jewish Republicans. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Nader-Camejo '04:

Ralph Nader failed to place his name on the ballot in Virginia yesterday after officials said that he failed to submit enough valid signatures, reports Michael Janofsky of the New York Times . This is the sixth state to keep Nader off the ballot; however the independent presidential campaign is conducting it's own review. LINK

Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese vows they will "check and see if they got it right, and if they didn't, we'll sue them," reports Michael Shear of the Washington Post . LINK

Steve Miller of the Washington Times Notes "[F]or Democrats, it's a serious case of deja vu, although this time, they saw Ralph Nader coming."

Nader will appear on the ballot in Florida as the Reform Party's candidate. LINK


The Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan provides an excellent look at the Golden State's political geography. LINK

Campaigns and Elections has an nifty political blog roll we'd like to you to click on: LINK

The gossip roll is especially handy!

TODAY'S SCHEDULE (all times ET):

—9:00 am: House Democrats hold a closed party caucus, Washington, DC —9:00 am: House Republicans hold a closed party caucus, Washington, DC —9:05 am: President Bush meets with bipartisan members of the House of Representatives and Senate —9:30 am: Sen. John Kerry speaks at the Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati, OH —9:30 am: FBI Director Robert Mueller and Acting CIA Director John McLaughlin testify before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee on building an agile intelligence community, Washington DC —10:00 am: The House meets for legislative business —10:00 am: The Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on judicial nominations, Washington, DC —10:00 am: The House Armed Services Committee holds a hearing on the performance of the military in Iraq and Afghanistan, Washington, DC —10:00 am: The Labor Department issues July Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) —10:00 am: Rev. Al Sharpton and actor Bill Cosby speak before the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference, Washington, DC —10:30 am: Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan speaks before the House Budget Committee, Washington, DC — 10:30 am: Texans for Truth press conference and conference call to unveil its new television ad about President Bush's National Guard record —10:30 am: The Senate reconvenes for morning business, Washington, DC —11:30 am: The Senate takes up HR 4567, the Homeland Security Appropriations bill, Washington, DC —12:00 pm: Sen. John Edwards participates in a town hall meeting at Fairmont State University, Clarksburg, WV —12:30 pm: Senate Democrats hold a closed party caucus, Washington, DC —12:30 pm: Senate Republicans hold a closed party caucus, Washington, DC —12:30 pm: Rock the Vote, the New Voters Project, and the Student Voting Rights Campaign hold a press conference in the Capitol to announce their initiative to boost the student vote on college campuses, Washington, DC —1:15 pm: President Bush visits Relief Efforts in Response to Hurricane Frances, Port St. Lucie, FL —3:35 pm: President Bush tours the National Hurricane Center, Miami, FL —4:10 pm: Sen. Kerry attends a front porch event, Rochester, MN —5:00 pm: Sen. Edwards attends a rally at the University of Maine, Orono, ME

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