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Also on Sunday, Harold Meyerson wrote in the Washington Post that "it's not Reagan's spirit that suffuses the Bush Republican Party; it's Richard Nixon's" — and it showed, he argues, with every attack leveled against Kerry, every diatribe launched, even in spite of the big-tent talk. LINK

Rich blames Bush and Kerry, while Meyerson blames (mostly) Bush (and Nixon).

Can Team Kerry hold things together until/unless the public polling settles down and gravity grabs 50%+ of the bounce?

As Joe Lockhart and Bob Shrum would agree, only time will tell.

As we write this, former President Clinton is in the OR at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, undergoing quadruple bypass surgery.

President Bush spends Labor Day in Missouri and holds a 5:00 pm ET rally in Poplar Bluff.

Vice President Cheney also campaigns today, attending a 11:30 am ET town hall meeting in St. Paul, MN, and then travels to Clear Lake, IA, where the Cheneys will attend a picnic at 2:30 pm ET.

Sen. Kerry is also busy on the campaign trail, starting his morning at 8:30 am ET at a front porch event in Cannonsburg, PA. Kerry then goes to Racine, WV for a 1:45 pm ET picnic before ending his day at a 6:45 pm ET picnic in Cleveland, OH. Expect to see this message on the Kerry campaign's press releases today: "W stands for wrong: Wrong choices, wrong direction."

The campaign is spending its Labor Day talking about the economy, jobs, and health care with a new report entitled "A Failed Record: Jobs Quality," which slams job creation and workers' benefits under the Bush Administration, complete with a conference call with former Labor Secretary Alexis Herman and the campaign's economic policy adviser, Jason Furman, to explain it.

On his own, Sen. John Edwards hits three states, stopping first in Milwaukee, WI for a 11:00 am ET front porch event. Then Edwards goes to St. Paul, MN for a 3:00 pm ET picnic and finally to Kalamazoo, MI, for a 8:00 pm ET block party.

Tomorrow, President Bush stays in Missouri, with three events: a speech in Summit, an "Ask President Bush" event in Sedalia, and another speech in Columbia. His schedule is TBD until Friday, when he heads back to West Virginia and then on to two stops in Ohio — an "Ask President Bush" event in Portsmouth and a speech in Chillicothe.

Tomorrow, Vice President Cheney goes from a town hall meeting in Iowa to another in New Hampshire. He is down in Washington, DC on Wednesday. Cheney hits the trail again on Friday with three stops in Wisconsin, talking to voters in Green Bay, Sheboygan, and Milwaukee.

Tomorrow, Sen. Kerry is scheduled to stop in North Carolina and then Ohio, where he attends an event in Toledo on Wednesday before heading to a front-porch event in Rochester, MN, then on to Des Moines, IA.

Look for a big speech on Iraq in Ohio on Wednesday.

Kerry rallies in Des Moines on Thursday before heading to New Orleans to address the National Baptists Conference. On Friday, Kerry is in St. Louis, MO, and Philadelphia, PA.

Sen. Edwards goes to a rally tomorrow in Chillicothe, OH, before attending a DNC fundraiser in Bloomington, IL. On Wednesday, he heads to West Virginia for a town meeting, and then up to Maine.

President Clinton's health:

Former President Clinton is in the OR for quadruple heart bypass surgery. ABC News' Roger Sergel reports:

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