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Pat Healy of the Boston Globe's got it all down, too. LINK

Not on message, the Washington Times uses words like "lukewarm" and "politely received" to describe John Kerry's reception at the American Legion Auxiliary. LINK

"Although many of the American Legion delegates enthusiastically applauded remarks Kerry made earlier in his speech about the need for better veterans benefits, his criticism of the administration's foreign policy was received coolly and the audience was silent as he detailed his view of what has gone wrong in Iraq," writes Matea Gold of the Los Angeles Times. LINK

As the traveling press corps continues to debate ever more restrictive access to Sen. Kerry, it's worth Noting that today, September 2, marks one month since the Democratic nominee has held a full fledged press avail.

And, it was a pretty weak one at that. Kerry took two questions from the full traveling press corps in Grand Rapids, Michigan, after the President announced the creation of a National Intelligence Director.

Kerry held a brief "avail" with the pool in the Grand Canyon but it was not open to the full press.

Sen. Kerry asserts that he is not afraid to tangle with the Fourth Estate and has repeatedly pledged to hold at least one press conference a month if elected president.

On this post-Cheney morning we thought we would give you a sneak preview of what's coming in your Sunday New York Times Magazine. Deb Solomon's 'Questions For' segment stars Elizabeth Edwards. In addition to learning about Mrs. Edwards' poetry writing, we also find out that she didn't think the President took much interest in her when they met.

Question: "Have you ever met the Cheneys?"

Answer: "I sat next to Lynne at the breakfast. I don't think it's possible to find very many women with whom I disagree on so many subjects as I do with Lynne Cheney."

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

Alan Keyes' comments about Mary Cheney and gays aren't going over well with Illinois Republicans -- or Republicans in general at the convention, given spokeswoman Christine Iverson's assertion that his comments are "not worthy of the dignity of a response.'' Guess he's not expecting much in the way of help from the White House this fall. LINK

After a night of hob knobbing with 41 in the coveted family box, Senate candidate Mel Martinez woke to read both Ds and Rs think they've got a good shot at the seat he's vying for in Florida. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

A key deadline to certify elections in Palm Beach County is 11 am today.

But 300,000 residents there have been ordered to evacuate, and the county will most likely postpone any action they take on the election. County offices will close at noon tomorrow, and most workers were sent home early today.

More than 6,000 absentee ballots appear to have been overcounted, triggering a member of the canvassing commission to recommend a full recount of those ballots. The actual vote totals for the races decided in that county do not appear have included the count, so officials believe the origins of the discrpenacy are clerical. A full recount would settle any questions.

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