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"Giuliani was unsparing and unusually animated in his attacks on Kerry," writes the New York Post's David Seifman, who is clearly thrilled to be writing about the former mayor again. LINK

The New York Post's Stefan Friedman simply couldn't let this one slide. LINK

"Bloomberg, who's been known to flub a line or two, had a doozy yesterday while talking about the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site. Referring to a July 4 event with Gov. Pataki, Bloomberg talked about laying the "tombstone" for the Freedom Tower. The pols actually laid the cornerstone."

The Chicago Tribune's Jeff Zeleny on the convention's opening day and 9/11 imagery. LINK

The New York Times' Todd Purdum deconstructs the first night's 9/11 theme. LINK

Ron Brownstein gets Brooksian in his news analysis and writes about last night's message not being one of moderation, as many expected when the lineup was first announced, but instead a message of strength. LINK

The AP: fake Purple Hearts at the Republican National Convention – they will not make a repeat appearance, but their work is done. LINK

Republican Republican National Convention: Michael Moore:

The New York Daily News Notes the mini-drama between the "disingenuous filmmaker who would have us believe that Saddam's Iraq was an oasis of peace," and the many who has never asked John Kerry back to his home in Arizona. Note to Michael Moore from the media and crowd: thanks for wearing your trademark ball cap for easy spotting in the crowd... and thanks for going one further by making that ball cap red. LINK

More on that Michael Moore drop in from a wonderful Post duo of Fahri and Leibovich. LINK

"Finally, after starts and stops lasting almost a half-hour, Moore sat down in the press section inside the arena, where the convention was in progress. But working reporters fumed at those who had collected around Moore."

"'I'm Dave Espo and I work for the Associated Press,' a veteran reporter thundered to the police. 'This is our work space and we need to get our work done. Please get these people out of here!'"

(Note Note: we have heard Espo thunder, and it is like John King thundering, only louder!!!)

"The episode left Owen Ullman, deputy managing editor of USA Today's editorial page, red-faced and a bit shaken. Ullman was, in effect, Moore's sponsor, and thus was left to plead on his behalf with waves of security personnel."

"'We invited Mr. Moore to write a column for us, and he asked if he could unobtrusively observe the convention,' said Ullman, recognizing with hindsight the absurdity of that proposition. 'We did not anticipate that many would consider him the story and that it would create such commotion.'"

Here's Michael Moore's column in USA Today … no mention of Sen. McCain's shout out last night. LINK

Republican National Convention: Karl Rove:

Brian C. Mooney of the Boston Globe looks at how that great Republican strategist Karl Rove is using traditionally Democratic tactics to woo voters. LINK

You may be wondering what Karl Rove was doing moments after the opening gavel fell on Monday. The answer: Holding a "small roundtable with Pennsylvania reporters." LINK

Republican National Convention: politics:

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