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Senator McCain's boffo "Mamma Mia"-playing invitation finally gets the print coverage it deserves!!!!

None other than Mr. Zagat himself thinks delegates will arrive in New York to a "solicitous" welcome -- at least in restaurants. LINK

Republican National Convention: the Democrats:

The New York Daily News' Maggie Haberman Notes the Democratic response kicks off on Sunday with President and Senator Clinton attending church after her many television appearances. LINK

President Clinton will address the worshipers from the pulpit and likely draw some distinctions between the Kerry-Edwards ticket and those other folks coming to town this week.

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

The New York Times' David Stout (and an awesome AP photo of the Senator being briefed behind a curtain) ably captures Sen. John Edwards' becoming the attack dog for the KE04 campaign. LINK

The Kerry-Edwards campaign will be quite pleased with the New York Times' exploration of the "middle-class squeeze." (And pretty happy that the paper chose to explore it in Iowa.) It "may be the sleeper economic issue of the presidential campaign," reports the Times. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush v. Kerry:

The Washington Post's Mike Allen leads strongly that White House strategists are "worried" about losing Florida. LINK

(And read down to the end for Karl Rove's take on Florida and his pitch on the BC04 grassroots strategy down there.)

The Washington Post's Roig-Franzia and Becker give a good look at Florida's primary next Tuesday that "will test whether Florida has figured out how to avoid a repeat debacle" of 2000. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Nick Anderson on the latest Wisconsin ad project figures. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

An administrative law judge concluded that state law cleanly and clearly requires manual recounts to be conducted on all types of voting machines and that touch screen machines which aggregate votes violate that law. LINK

Secretary of State Glenda Hood had exempted the 15 counties with touch screen ballots -- used by about 50% of Florida voters -- because those machines don't record undervotes or overvotes.

Plus, she argued that manual recounts of each and every vote cast electronically is impossible.

The judge disagreed, saying that the machines are programmed to print out a list of votes, and that if the legislature had wanted to exempt touch screen machines from the law, they would have done so explicitly.

The Secretary of State is considering an appeal.

Florida's primary is next Tuesday, and while the ruling technically applies now, it's hard to see how these 15 counties can reconfigure their machines and buy printers in time to comply with the ruling. (They're crossing their fingers and hoping that no race comes down to a margin of less than one quarter of one percent.)

How this effects November is TBD.


The Washington Post's Ann Gerhart sits down with historian Douglas Brinkley, whose "admiring recounting" of Kerry's war record isn't exactly getting the same reaction that his history of Rosa Parks received. LINK

Here are two paragraphs that will make Michael Meehan's hair stand straight up:

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