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"The Kerry campaign has refused to release Kerry's personal Vietnam archive, including his journals and letters, saying that the senator is contractually bound to grant Brinkley exclusive access to the material. But Brinkley said this week the papers are the property of the senator and in his full control."

"'I don't mind if John Kerry shows anybody anything,' he said. 'If he wants to let anybody in, that's his business. Go bug John Kerry, and leave me alone.' The exclusivity agreement, he said, simply requires 'that anybody quoting any of the material needs to cite my book.'"

The Washington Post's Michael Dobbs has a nice (long) front-page look at John O'Neill and John Kerry and their postwar paths which illuminate "a much broader cultural divide that was born out of the Vietnam trauma -- and is haunting American politics once again." LINK

The New York Times' Blumenthal and Worth profile John O'Neill of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who (according to the scribes) was "disdainful" of President Bush's statement that Kerry did not lie about his Vietnam war record. LINK

Did everybody but us know that O'Neill was tapped to be a federal judge by 41?

Michael Kranish on Admiral Schachte. LINK

TODAY'S SCHEDULE (all times ET):

—8:40 am: President Bush departs the White House —9:00 am: Senate candidate Alan Keyes, CURE Founder and President Star Parker, and approximately 40 black pastors from across the U.S. hold a press conference in commemoration of the 41st anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech and in support of a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C. —10:35 am: President Bush speaks at a rally in the Troy Public Square, Troy, OH —1:35 pm: President Bush participates in an "Ask President Bush" event at Lima Senior High School, Lima, OH —1:45 pm: DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe attends the final rally of the DNC's "America Can Do Better Bus Tour" before it arrives in New York City, Philadelphia, PA —3:00 pm: Sen. John Kerry attends a rally with Gen. Wesley Clark at the Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA —5:30 pm: President Bush speaks at a rally at Fort Meigs State Memorial Park, Perrysburg, OH —8:25 pm: President Bush returns to the White House

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