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A Howell Raines missive on Bush's mind, in, again, the Washington Post . LINK

The economy:

The Los Angeles Times' Gosselin on the latest census figures on those living in poverty and without health insurance (and what will likely be a Kerry talking point for quite some time): "It was the third year of bad news in both categories and further evidence that the U.S. economy had not snapped back from the downturn of earlier this decade." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battlegrounds:

Bush-Cheney '04 should give a raise to the advance staffer who created the visual of the Bush New Mexico design on the floor of the stage for the aerial shot. Cameras simply can't resist that and neither can photo editors. Here's the tick-tock of the President's day in the Land of Enchantment. LINK

"Just hours after President Bush landed in Las Cruces, Democrats countered with a rally for vice presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards in Mesilla's plaza. Before about 3,000 people, Edwards spoke for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry with the message 'We can do better,'" reports the Albuquerque Journal. LINK

The Detroit News looks at how Michigan did in the latest round of Census figures and reports, "Michigan's stumbling economy cast thousands more people into poverty last year, continuing a pattern of rising poverty rates here and nationwide." LINK

The New York Times ' Sarah Kershaw profiles the battleground state and independent voting streak of Oregon. LINK


Today's offering of Nader articles suggest if Ralph Nader wants his campaign message to be about ideas rather than ballot access — maybe he should stay in Missouri though he is not on the ballot in the state (for now anyway).

In an article that balances the "spoiler" question with discussion of Nader's platform, Robert Cronkleton of the Kansas City Star reports on a candidate who is trying to raise questions about "universal health care, living wages for full-time workers, military spending, and the reduction of corporate influence on campaign financing and governmental regulations." While campaigning in Kansas City yesterday, Nader advocated a six-month "responsible withdrawal" policy in Iraq and advocated humanitarian aid to Iraq. Nader says the deadline for pulling troops out should precede an internationally supervised election. LINK

Nader spoke IDEAS to graduating students Thursday at Drury College in Springfield, MO. LINK

The AP reports Nader is planning a legal challenge to make the Show Me ballot. LINK

Democrat and Virginia Gov. Mark Warner Virginia's said Ralph Nader deserves a spot on the state's presidential ballot if his petitions pass the test. LINK

In Iowa, everybody's talking about a decision by state officials on Thursday that Nader should make the ballot. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

USA Today 's Andrea Stone looks at the eight truly competitive races, Noting that they're all in what was Bush country in 2000. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the governors' races:

The Seattle Times reports that Gov. Gary Locke officially endorsed Christine Gregoire over Ron Sims yesterday, giving her a "boost" for the Sept. 14 primary. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the House:

"… [M]any GOP House candidates — while continuing to support the president — are developing subtler, more nuanced and less confrontational ways to approach the issue" of Iraq," write Richard Simon and Mary Curtius of the Los Angeles Times. LINK


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