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In his Sunday Boston Globe column, Thomas Oliphant makes the argument that John O'Neill and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth may backfire and end up hurting George Bush and not John Kerry. LINK

A sampling of conservative opinion columnists on Kerry and Vietnam, listed in order of decreasing frequency of phone contacts with Karl Rove (Note: that's a joke):

Michael Barone: LINK


Bob Novak: Ok, well, he's moved on to another subject: BRAC and North Korea: LINK

John Leo: LINK


Thomas Sowell: LINK

(liberals and Vietnam)

Key weekend stories: LINK and LINK and LINK

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth: what's next:

The New York Post is WRONG. There is nothing "new" about the documentary, "Brothers in Arms." It is the hour-long documentary made last year. LINK and LINK

The Washington Post 's Romano and Nakamura quote the co-chair of Wisconsin Vets for Bush calling the Swift Boat Veterans ads "un-American." LINK

Josh Marshall re-read Bob Dole's autobiography and discovered that Dole was once the victim of a self-inflicted wound, too. LINK

Newsweek's Evan Thomas and T. Trent Gegax look at the "hostile fire" between the SBVfT and Senator Kerry — Senator Kerry is personally involved in the fight-back strategy — he himself choosing the words "dirty tricks" to describe the Bush team's involvement — and looks at the facts in the Vietnam veteran's favor.LINK

Re: the new Kerry ad: "The campaign is not purchasing new advertising time for the commercial, but is instead rotating it with another ad it began running last week in Wisconsin, Ohio and West Virginia that features a former Green Beret who was saved by Kerry in Vietnam," reports Matea Gold of the Los Angeles Times. LINK

Anne Kornblut gets in the SBVft controversy with her full account of the charges back and forth. If you feel you've missed some of it, read this Boston Globe report and you'll be all caught up. LINK

Kornblut seems to have this by herself: "In California, the Santa Clara County Republican Party included a posting from the Swift Boat group on its website."

The New York Post 's Deb Orin once again chatted with the folks at "HCD Research and Muhlenberg College Institute of Politics" and found the experts there to say the first response ad from team Kerry with Rassmann was not all that effective. In addition, Orin reports the analysts believe the first Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ad is more effective than the second. LINK

We still have deep doubts about the "methodology" of this voodoo.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

ABC News' Karen Travers reports that the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign will go up with a new ad today, "Taxing our Economy," which attacks Sen. Kerry for votes on middle class tax cuts during his Senate career.

The ad will run on national cable and in local markets in "most of the target states," a campaign official said this morning. There will also be a radio version of this ad in select local markets.

You can view the ad here:

The BC04 campaign is taking advantage of these last few days it has to dip into its $240 million war chest, before the start of the Republican Convention. After the convention, the campaign will accept $75 million in federal money for the general election season — money the Kerry campaign took at the end of July after the Democratic convention.

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