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"But the Bush campaign's strategy is focused much more on the possibility that the race will be decided primarily by mobilizing the party faithful in closely fought states, not persuading swing voters."

"'Motivating Republicans this year is as important, or possibly more important, than reaching the persuadable voters,' said Matthew Dowd, the Bush campaign's chief strategist."

"Indeed, Dowd said one of the campaign's top goals is to ensure that Republicans cast as large a share of November's vote as Democrats. Typically, Democrats outnumber Republicans in presidential elections."

Republican National Convention: politics and platforms:

The New York Times Adam Nagourney got on Sunday's front page with his peek at what President Bush will present to the nation during the Republican National Convention. The story is chock full of goodies including the prominence of such themes as "compassion" and Sept. 11. A detailed second term agenda (though no specifics were provided to back that up) is said to be on the way too. LINK

The New York Times ' Carl Hulse writes that the moderate Republicans with primetime Republican convention speaking slots "worry about their real influence in a party dominated by conservatives at a time when the ranks of House moderates are thinning and an activist group zeros in on candidates it brands RINO's, Republican in Name Only." LINK

Republican platform committee chairman Bill Frist predicts his party's platform will oppose amnesty for illegal aliens. "I believe it likely there will be a strong statement against amnesty," the Senate Majority Leader told Ralph Z. Hallow of the Washington Times . LINK

Republican National Convention: protests:

The New York Daily News reports Yellow taxi drivers plan the week of the GOP convention won't be all about the Benjamins. In fact, many are planning to take off. LINK

USA Today 's Charisse Jones has some data for you to crunch your delegate-to-journalist-to-law-enforcement-to-protestor ratios. LINK

USA Today has a rundown of protests and demonstrations. LINK

The New York Times ' Jennifer Steinhauer and Diane Cardwell wrap the latest in the unfinished negotiations between the city and the umbrella protest organization, United for Peace and Justice. LINK

The court cases come to a head this week, of course.

The New York Post 's Stefan Friedman reports about a possible plot of former prisoners "with ties to the 1970s radical Weather Underground" may be planning to cause havoc during the convention. LINK

Starbucks and McDonalds prepare for anarchists! LINK

Republican National Convention: potpourri

Is Sen. Clinton to become the responder-in-chief during convention week? "Party insiders said that aides to Clinton were engaged in 'intensive talks' over the weekend with Kerry's representatives about the role she is expected to play," reports the New York Post 's Fred Dicker. LINK

David Norcross' dual roles as lobbyist and chair of the RNC's convention committee caught the attention of the New York Times ' Michael Slackman even though there is nothing illegal about Norcross serving in both capacities simultaneously. LINK

Look at all the free stuff you can get if you are a Republican delegate headed for New York. LINK

The New York Post looked at the economic lessons learned from Boston upon which New York hopes to improve its financial take for the four day gathering. LINK

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