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The Chicago Sun-Times Notes Americans like their politicians married. Which means — if you buy the argument that Republicans will do anything to push Kerry leaners to vote for Ralph Nader — what the GOP should really be doing is getting a profile up on "70-year old seat-belt loving non-smoker seeks companion for campaign trail." (LINK). Deborah Pickett's article: LINK

Democrats in Arkansas are up in arms after the names of at least two dozen state Republicans, including Lt. Gov. Win Rockefeller's chief of staff, showed up on petitions to get Nader included on the state ballot. Nader is listed as the Better Life Party nominee in the state, reports Dennis A. Byrd of the AP. "This is a clear sign that Republicans recognize how vulnerable President Bush is in Arkansas and, contrary to their public statements, know that Arkansas is a key battleground state . . . " states the Democratic Party's news release. LINK

Free Matt Cooper:

Walter Shapiro writes, "Punitive leaks have been a constant of Washington life, regardless of which party is in power. But what adds a sad irony to this story is that Cooper was not the journalist who unmasked Valerie Plame's undercover career. That role was obligingly played by conservative columnist Robert Novak, who in July 2003 reported that Wilson had been sent by the CIA to Niger on Plame's recommendation to investigate purported Iraqi efforts to purchase uranium." LINK

The Clintons of Chappaqua:

The birthday time capsule was actually big enough to fit the former President's memoirs and a few other things too. LINK

Politics: While the Washington Post 's E.J. Dionne examines the politics of the Southwest and writes that although there is political polarization in the U.S., "the truth we avoid is that we are, if you'll forgive the phrase, a much more national nation than we like to admit." LINK

See correction one: LINK

Slow down, Mr. Vice President, and remember — you won the popular vote!!: LINK

TODAY'S SCHEDULE (all times ET):

—8:15 am: Sen. John Kerry speaks about the economy and jobs with laid-off workers at Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC —9:00 am: Sen. Kerry speaks about his plan to create and keep jobs in America at Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC —10:00 am: The House Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee and the Constitution Subcommittee hold a joint hearing on privacy and civil liberties in the hands of the government since 9/11, Washington, DC —10:00 am: 9/11 Commission Vice-Chairman Lee Hamilton, Commission member Slade Gorton and others testify before the House Judiciary Committee at the Capitol, Washington, DC —10:00 am: The Bureau of Labor Statistics issues its regional and state employment and unemployment report —11:00 am: The Democratic National Committee holds a news conference to unveil details of their "America Can Do Better" Bush Tour at the DNC Headquarters, Washington, DC —1:00 pm: Sen. Kerry accompanies Sen. Bill Nelson on a tour of areas damaged by Hurricane Charley, Fort Meyers, FL —4:15 pm: The Federal Reserve releases weekly conditions report of large commercial banks —5:40 pm: Elizabeth Edwards holds a backyard discussion at the Home of Jolene and Steve Benoit, Albuquerque, NM

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