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· KE04 turns the lights on to combat the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth with a new ad featuring Kerry crewmate Jim Rassmann. ·'s PAC responds to the SBVfT too for a couple of days, and gets rebuffed by both BC04 and KE04 … and MCCAIN! · The SBVfT hits back with another anti-Kerry ad. · The DNC unveils its third ad, focusing this time on health care. · After a period of positive ads not mentioning Kerry, BC04 strikes hard at Kerry's service on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Here's what's on the air right now … · 4 BC04 ads: 3 positive ads on ownership, homeland security, and the Olympics; and 1 slamming Kerry on his record · 1 KE04 ad biting back at the SBVfT · 1 (brand new!) anti-Kerry ad by the SBVfT · 3 pro-Kerry DNC ads including a new one on health care · 1 (old and re-released) anti-Bush ad by's PAC contrasting Kerry and Bush's wartime service · 6 anti-Bush ads by the Media Fund in battleground states · 4 ads by the New Democrat Network in selected markets promoting Hispanic support for Democrats

The politics of Hurricane Charley:

The Miami Herald 's Leslie Clark previews Senator Kerry's visit to Southwest Florida today to see the areas of the state hit by Hurricane Charley with Senator Bill Nelson. LINK

The Washington Post 's Manuel Roig-Franzia and Ceci Connolly wrap the slow progress toward "normal" for the victims of Hurricane Charley. LINK

The Orlando Sentinel's Bob Mahlburg reports that Gov. Jeb Bush "declared an elections emergency in the counties struck by Hurricane Charley, giving local officials the power to delay early voting and more time to hire and train poll workers for the Aug. 31 primary." Bush and Secretary of State Glenda Hood said, however, that the election would go on schedule in all counties. LINK

Sean Mussenden of the Orlando Sentinel writes that property appraisers expect Gov. Bush to back their plan for tax breaks to homeowners whose property was damaged in the hurricane. LINK

McGreevey: what's next:

Ah, New Jersey politics!!!!

The New York Times ' David Kocieniewski reports that the fight to remove Gov. James McGreevey by Sept. 3 began to collapse Thursday "as Democratic leaders indicated they feared an escalating and increasingly personal fight with the governor." LINK

Kocieniewski reports that "on Wednesday, six days after Mr. McGreevey said he would resign because of an extramarital affair with another man, Channel 2 (the local CBS station in New York) reported that an unnamed administration official was warning United States Representative Robert Menendez to stop criticizing Mr. McGreevey because Mr. Menendez himself had engaged in an affair. The official cited in the Channel 2 report accused Mr. Menendez of setting the woman up in business and referring clients to her." Shortly thereafter, Menendez released a statement in support of Gov. McGreevey staying in office until Nov. 15.

The Newark Star Ledger looks at Gov. McGreevey's plans to finish his days in office with an agenda including choosing a management team to run the new stem-cell research institute, regulating limiting building in the Highlands and presiding over the first meetings of a state task force mapping out a constitutional convention on how to end the run-up of property taxes. LINK

Now that State Senate President Codey will likely become governor on Nov. 15, the state's Democrats are beginning to rally behind him, reports the Trenton Times. LINK

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