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New York Times : "Corzine Says He Won't Push McGreevey Out of Office" LINK

Newark Star Ledger: "Corzine will not force governor out" LINK

Trenton Times: "Cozine Bows Out" LINK

Philadelphia Inquirer: "Corzine rebuffed on election" LINK

We're giving Sen. Lesniak the "most quotable" award thus far in this Garden State scandal. LINK

"'The governor told me that the party bosses can cut out his heart and drag his body through the streets of Trenton and he's still not going to leave early,' said Democratic state Senator Raymond Lesniak (D-Elizabeth)."

Corzine did tell McGreevey during their phone conversation that he plans to run for governor seat in 2005, according to several published reports.

By all appearances, this looks to now be settled, and Gov. McGreevey will be staying in office until Nov. 15, when State Senate President Richard Codey would become interim governor. But this is New Jersey politics, so expect the unexpected. The Star Ledger looks at the possibilities. LINK

What does Jim McGreevey do next? The Philadelphia Inquirer's Kaitlin Gurney looks at what opportunities may be available in the private sector. LINK

Media outlets are still abuzz to get the "big interview" with Gov. McGreevey. The Philadelphia Inquirer's Mitch Lipka reports that Katie Couric went so far as to call the Governor's office from Athens, Greece, to try to persuade him to do a sit-down. LINK

But so far, the McGreevey has made no agreements to do any television interviews.

The Daily News has more today on the day McGreevey's wife, Dina Matos, found out about her husband's affair and sexual identity. LINK

Golan Cipel, the Governor's accuser, granted an extensive interview to the Isreali paper the Haaretz Daily, where he went into further detail about his relationship with the Governor and contradicted earlier reports that he resigned from McGreevey's staff in August 2002, saying instead that he was fired. Cipel also expressed his displeasure at being made out to be a "ridiculous character" by Mr. McGreevey and his staff. LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer looks at Cipel's rise from obscurity to infamy. LINK

A male New Jersey professor has come out to the media claiming to also have had a relationship with Cipel. The professor also claims that Cipel is still in love with McGreevey. Cipel's attorney denied the two had a relationship. LINK

"I Was Golan's Gay Lover" blares the front page of the New York Post , but don't get too excited for a McGreevey exclusive interview. LINK

In other New Jersey scandal news, Charles Kushner, the former McGreevey fundraiser and developer, pleaded guilty yesterday to federal charges that will send him to prison for as much as two years, after eleventh-hour negotiations with prosecutors nearly collapsed. "Kushner, 50, admitted cheating on his taxes and hiding illegal campaign donations by making them in the names of his business partners. He also acknowledged that he retaliated against a witness in the tax probe — identified by sources as his estranged sister — by hiring a prostitute to seduce her husband and sending a tape of the encounter to his wife," reports the Star Ledger's John Martin. LINK

The New York Times LINK and the Trenton Times LINK have more details.

The Republican National Convention:

The New York Times reports the RNC will tap Democratic Sen. Zell Miller to nominate President Bush at the convention in New York. LINK

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