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For New Jersey politics, it will be interesting to see how the voters of New Jersey react. In recent months several political officials have been charged with corruption and bribery, with ambitious U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie leading the charge. If a stage was ever set for a backlash from voters for corruption in government this may be the straw that broke the camel's back. Christie has also been long rumored to have an eye on the governor's mansion.

Looking at the national picture, it is difficult to see John Kerry losing his grip on New Jersey as a result of McGreevey's actions. New Jersey is a moderate state where Al Gore triumphed there by half a million votes in 2000. Recent polls in the Garden State show Kerry topping Bush there by double-digit margins. New Jersey is an issues state and the issues still favor Kerry, winning comfortable in November, but only time will tell. LINK

McGreevey and the politics of gay rights:

Quiz: who said this?

"If states choose to do that, in other words, if they want to provide legal protections for gays, that's great. That's fine. But I do not want to change the definition of marriage. I don't think our country should, from the traditional definition of marriage that's between a man or a woman."

"You know, people have said to me, well, if you're gay, you can't inherit because — and you don't get the exemption from income tax. Well, my answer there is get rid of the inheritance tax forever, the death tax, which I'm trying to do. And there are ways to make sure gays have got rights. And you can do so in the law."

Yes — President George W. Bush, on last night's "Larry King Live."

If that doesn't give you a sense of where this whole shebang is heading (and why it will remain a contentious political issue for years), we don't know what will.

The California Supreme Court declared the same sex marriage licenses issued in San Francisco last spring null and void. LINK

Ilene Lelchuk of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that Mayor Newsom, nonetheless, claimed victory because now there is a face on the issue, and with a recent approval rating of 85 percent, is a complicated star within his own party. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney v. Kerry-Edwards:

The Washington Post 's Dan Balz and Mark Leibovich team up on Vice President Cheney's attacks yesterday on Sen. Kerry's comments on fighting a "more sensitive" war on terror, Noting "Cheney went on to question whether Kerry's worldview had been reshaped by the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, as Bush regularly tells his audiences the attacks did for him." LINK

"Vulnerable over the continued instability in Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein and the failure to find weapons of mass destruction, Bush and Cheney have repeatedly sought to portray Kerry as alternately weak, naive and inconsistent in his views about the war on terrorism," the duo report.

Balz and Leibovich also Note that while Cheney was slamming Kerry in Ohio, President Bush was in Nevada where he "sought to deflect criticism over his decision to approve the storage of nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain — an action that threatens his chances of winning the state — by trying to criticize Kerry's record on the issue."

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