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"The official ratcheted up administration warnings of an election-related attack on a day when President Bush and Vice President Cheney were on the campaign trail contending that Senator John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) would be a weak commander in chief. Some Democrats accuse the White House of issuing repeated terrorism warnings to inspire fear so voters will hesitate to change leaders with the nation under threat."

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

ABC News' Karen Travers reports that the Bush-Cheney campaign is launching its third ad of the week today, "Victory," timed to the start of the Olympics tonight.

The ad picks up the Olympic theme to highlight the spread of freedom and democracy, Noting that there are "two more free nations" and "two fewer terrorist regimes" this Olympics.

The campaign says it will run on national cable during Olympic sports programming and on health club TV network in more than 250 fitness centers nationwide during the last two weeks of August, "the first time a presidential candidate has advertised in health clubs," per a campaign release.

The health club TV network is operated by ClubCom (which members of the Washington and New York Sports Club will know they can view on personal screens at most machines in their gyms).

Currently the campaign has "Solemn Vow" and "Ownership" airing on national cable and local markets, and "Nuestro Pais, Nuestro President" airing on local markets in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico.

USA Today 's Judy Keen reports, according to a new Gallup Poll, President Bush's approval numbers are on the upswing. "The share of Americans who say they approve of the job Bush is doing inched over the 50% mark to 51%. No president who was at or above 50% at this point in an election year has lost." LINK

The Seattle Times' David Postman previews President Bush's arrival in Seattle today with a look at the five ways his campaign is trying to make Washington a swing state. LINK

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Web site is leading with an article by Lewis Kamb detailing why some Native Americans are upset by an answer President Bush gave at the UNITY conference last week about tribal sovereignty. LINK

The New York Times ' Paul Krugman opines "there's a political imperative behind President Bush's "ownership society" theme: the need to provide pseudopopulist cover to policies that are, in reality, highly elitist." LINK

Rick Klein of the Boston Globe looks at President Bush's campaign swing through the Southwest this week as a sign of him moving to the political middle, "despite recent signs that the president's reelection campaign would focus almost exclusively on energizing his conservative base." LINK

Klein Notes: "He has passed up numerous opportunities to rail against the Democrats on hot-button issues like gay marriage and stem-cell research — issues he and other Republicans have previously feasted on."

The Washington Post 's John Harris and Dan Balz wrap President Bush and Laura Bush's "courtesy call" to Nancy Reagan in Los Angeles on Thursday. LINK

The Republican National Convention:

If Rudy Giuliani and John McCain address the Republican National Convention and no television network carries it, did it still happen? LINK

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