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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Graeme Zielinski reports that Wisconsin Right to Life will challenge a provision of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law in court today because they want to run ads that mention Senator Feingold. LINK

"Feingold, who called the lawsuit politically motivated and without merit, said he couldn't be happier for the attention to his signature effort."

Lauren W. Whittington of Roll Call calls Georgia's open-seat Senate contest a "historic November match up." LINK ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting: Florida tested its voting machines yesterday, and there were no problems. Not even the Miami Herald could fine one. This is good news for the state. LINK

But … Teresa LePore's group in Palm Beach County mailed out absentee ballots with incorrect instructions on them. LINK The Wall Street Journal 's Avery Johnson examines the fine line Democrats are trying to negotiate over their position on granting voting rights to felons. On one hand, supporting the restoration could help among African-American voters; on the other hand, they're trying to minimize Republican attacks, Johnson writes. LINK

Results of an Aug. 3 primary in Missouri cannot be certified until a lawsuit filed against Sec. Of State and Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Blunt is resolved. Yes, the lawsuit was filed by the Democrats, and Blunt accuses his Democratic opponent Auditor Claire McCaskill of being the ring-leader. The lawsuit is over Blunt's interpretation of provisional ballot rules. The Kansas City Star's Hoover has the details. LINK

The St. Louis Post Dispatch's Jo Mannies chimes in, "At stake, in the short term, are hundreds of provisional ballots cast on Aug. 3 in Kansas City — many of which may be thrown out because of the polling-place rule, lawyers say. But the Democratic Party's broader interest is to eliminate that rule before the election in November, when Missouri could play a pivotal role in the presidential contest." LINK

SBVfT: The Washington Post 's ed board concludes the new ad and the new book by O'Neill "crosses the line in branding Mr. Kerry a coward and a liar." LINK Nader-Camejo '04: In New Hampshire yesterday, the Ralph Nader presidential campaign submitted more than enough signatures to put him on the ballot — if they pass muster. NH Dems will probably request copies of his signatures to begin the fine-tooth-comb review process (come les Democrats de Pennsylvania et Arizona). LINK

Meanwhile the New Hampshire Democratic Party filed an FEC complaint against the Nader campaign to investigate the gathering of petition signatures for Nader by a group of Republicans. The complaint names Norway Hill Associates, a New Hampshire-based consulting firm headed by Dave Carney, who served in the Bush 41 White House. Carney tells ABC News the pro-Nader effort "wasn't really a big deal" and explains he was inspired to help Nader's cause by "all of the unbelievable outrageous actions of Democrats keeping Nader off the ballot" in states like Illinois.

"Illinois? When was the last time Illinois was a battleground?"

The consulting firm recruited petition circulators who may have approached potential signers like this: "Excuse me Sir/miss etc. I was wondering if you could take a second to help President Bush?" according to scripts that have been circulating.

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