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The Cincinnati Enquirer's lead story on its website opens like this: "About 60 Ohio steelworkers and their supporters protested outside the federal courthouse in Cincinnati Wednesday morning. Inside, a federal appeals court was considering a case that could decide whether 2,500 workers get shutdown pensions after their mills went bankrupt." LINK More from the Enquirer's Gregory Korte: "The confrontation brought the rust-belt economic issues facing northern Ohio to Cincinnati, if only for one day. And while the legal arguments turned on a narrow issue of when the pension plan was shut down, the protest outside took on broader issues of Ohio's economy in a presidential election year."

The Columbus Dispatch's Anna Michael reports, "A federally funded campaign urging Americans to buy their prescription drugs strictly from pharmacies in the United States has been extended to Ohio." LINK ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds: A mathematically-precise prose formula battleground papers seem to be following:

"(Insert candidate name) is coming to (insert name of battleground state) on (insert date), proving the importance of (re-insert name of battleground state) as a battleground in this year's presidential election."

Here's one good example about John Edwards coming to Minnesota. LINK Now readers at home, you try it too …

"It took about a week after the Democratic National Convention, but U.S. Senator John Kerry picked up the bounce he was looking for in Michigan," writes the Detroit Free Press citing a poll of 600 Michigan residents taken Aug. 4-10, showing that Kerry is leading Bush, 49 percent to 42 percent. Independent candidate Ralph Nader has 3 percent support. LINK The Detroit News wraps up Dick Cheney's fourth visit to Michigan this year, looks forward to John Edwards Great Lakes State visit on Friday, and declares Michigan a vice presidential battleground. LINK Note to John Kerry: one way NOT to court voters is to have their cars towed by Secret Service. LINK Kerry-Edwards Arizona communications director Sue Walitsky was turned away from attending the president Bush speech in Phoenix yesterday. LINK

Kerry State Director Doug Wilson had this to say in a statement: "I thought that a President was a president of all the people and that all had a right to listen regardless of political affiliation. I'm disappointed that doesn't seem to be the case."

Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards came to Portland, Maine yesterday to rally female voters and to criticize President Bush for "putting ideology ahead of science" on the issue of stem cell research. LINK "Kerry will headline a top-dollar fund-raiser in Seattle in two weeks, the start of what the campaign hopes will be a final push to raise $1.5 million more from Washington before Election Day," reports the Seattle Times' David Postman. LINK The Las Vegas Review-Journal's headline: "Kerry vows to fight Yucca plan." LINK ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate: The Chicago Sun-Times' Abdon Pallasch writes that former Illinois Gov. James Thompson has said he will not endorse Alan Keyes for the Senate, because some of Keyes' positions make him "uncomfortable as a voter." LINK "'I find it sad that the state central committee of the Republican Party could not find a Republican in Illinois to take this race on because we had a number willing to do so,' he said."

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