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"An Amtrak conductor who is a Republican congressional candidate has been suspended without pay for suggesting his train passengers should vote against Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry," reports the AP. The conductor says he used the train's p.a. system to tell passengers they would be delayed because of Kerry's train "and quipped that they should vote accordingly in November." LINK

Liz Sidoti of the AP lauds CMAG, the Campaign Media Analysis Group. Working with both parties, this group is indispensable to campaigns for tracking what opponents are doing. "[F]or eight years, CMAG has been the place political professionals have turned for day-to-day pictures of the political advertising landscape as they determine where to run ads, how much money to spend and what messages to project." LINK

True that.

USA Today 's Larry Copeland writes about the band of mayors touring through Ohio on Thursday and Friday and the issues they're hoping to bring to the forefront of the presidential debate. LINK

Walter Shapiro examines the intricacies of Kerry's answer to the question about whether he would have supported the Iraq war even in hindsight. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

"Now that you've done your time, it's time to VOTE," reads a billboard displayed in Nevada, part of an initiative by a band of progressive groups working to get the vote out in Nevada for those who got out of jail. LINK

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Notes a federal judge "is expected to rule today on a lawsuit filed by the Missouri Democratic Party in an effort to throw out part of the three-year-old state law governing provisional ballots." LINK

How this will effect HAVA grants and Nov. 2 is TBD.

The Columbus Dispatch's Robert Vitale writes about the precautions that Ohio's Franklin County is taking to ensure a safe and uncomplicated election day. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the battlegrounds:

The Pioneer Press ed board does its best to sort out the economic numbers in the Land of Lakes and decide oh-so subjectively if happy days are here again, or if we'll have four more years of hell. LINK

In a special, Oregon only section of the Note today: The Oregonian has your complete guide to the dueling Bush and Kerry visits to the state late this week. Thus ends our special section. LINK

While polls attempt to determine if this election will inspire record turnout, some officials are already predicting a definite "yes"! "We have never seen this level of interest. There's a very keen attention to this election I haven't seen in 26 years in this business," said an official of The Washoe County Registrar of Voters in Nevada. LINK

K-mart may claim to cut prices but yesterday the company also announced it would be cutting more jobs, saying it would dismiss 10 percent of its headquarters staff in a budget move affecting about 200 workers. LINK

"A quarter of the teachers in Michigan's charter schools are lacking a license, leaving state officials questioning how those teachers will meet strict federal requirements that they be highly qualified," reports the Detroit Free Press. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

If we had more time, we could write a verse about yesterday's primaries, but we don't, so all we'll say:

Coors v. Salazar in Colorado.

Rep. Majette v. Rep. Isakson in Georgia

The GOP got one self-funder; Democrats lost one, but not a bad night for either Paul Tewes or Jay Timmons.

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