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Biggest question: what does Peter Coors do now to repair his image to moderates after a bruising primary?

Alan Keyes is accusing Barack Obama of shying away from debates he was previously all about. The Chicago Tribune's Ford and Mendell quote Keyes as saying "When he was facing Jack Ryan, he was Abraham Lincoln. When he was facing an empty chair, possibly, he was Muhammad Ali … I step into the ring and what happens? Well, all of a sudden, he's running out of the ring, looking for the ropes, sizing up the number of exits." LINK

Of course, Obama says he's not shying away from debates but thinks they will be fruitless until his challenger becomes familiar with issues important to Illinois voters.

In response to criticism that Keyes is a carpetbagger, the Washington Post 's Al Kamen Notes "Federalism has always been a bit overrated." LINK

And he introduces a contest to help Bill Pascoe, who needs desperately to staff up!

It looks like it may be George Bush vs. Gray Davis in the California Senate race this year. The Los Angeles Times also has this fantastic detail from the candidates' first and only scheduled debate. LINK

"The event quickly got off to a rocky start. As soon as Boxer began her opening remarks, the link failed and Channel 4 viewers saw at least two minutes of dead air. When the picture returned, Jones was speaking."

According to the clips, Doug Gallagher dominated last night's Florida Senate debate.

Nader-Camejo '04:

Adding to the mounting list of evidence of Republican support for Nader, Scott Greenberger of the Boston Globe reports a firm headed by a well-known GOP consultant in New Hampshire has been collecting signatures for Nader. Their pitch: "without Nader, Bush would not be president." LINK

Nader, in his own words, in the Orlando Sentinel. LINK

Neil Vigdor of Greenwich Times Notes, "Connecticut is poised once again to have two native sons on its ballot for president." Though, Nader's official status will not be certified before Labor Day. LINK

In a release that hit inboxes at 11:02 pm ET yesterday, Nader beckoned: "Is there no end to John Kerry's me-too-ism on the Iraq War?" Nader criticized Kerry for responding to "Bush bait" by saying he would still vote for the Iraq war knowing what he knows today. LINK

Nader Presidential campaign has announced Southwest Airlines as its unofficial campaign airline. "George W. Bush has his Air Force One to under-reimburse for campaign trips. John Kerry has his leased Boeing 757 to tour the country. But we have Southwest Airlines and its entire fleet of aircraft at our disposal," states Ralph Nader. (Yeah, The Note is a sucker for mini-bags of Jelly Bellies too.)

Can you hear the clock ticking in Oregon? Steve Law of the Oregon Statesman Journal reports Nader backers hope the third time is a charm after their first two attempts to put him on the ballot were met with interference from Howard Dean, local Democrats and televised sports.LINK

Nader needs at least 15,306 bullet-proof petition signatures by Aug. 24. Unlike round two Citizens for Sound Economy says it won't recruit support for Nader. "We've decided not to put any (more) financial resources into this," says Oregon CSE director Russ Walker who "questioned whether the Nader campaign was organized well enough to get on the ballot." LINK

Third parties:

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