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"None of these is ever planted," says Scott Stanzel, a spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign. "Nobody knows who's going to be called on."

Leslie Pappas of the Philadelphia Inquirer looks at the other focus of Mrs. Bush's speech, malpractice insurance — "a welcome topic for the members of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, which endorsed Bush yesterday, the first time it has given a presidential endorsement." LINK

Mrs. Bush was also in Toledo yesterday where The Toledo Blade's Fritz Wenzel's lead is: "First Lady Laura Bush brought her Texas charm and White House rhetoric to Toledo yesterday, making a pitch for support of her husband's re-election effort to a crowd of 200, most of them female entrepreneurs." LINK

And the First Lady also hit up Royal Oak, MI where she told a crowd of about 1,400 that the president "has a good heart, he understands your values," and touted his accomplishments, asking the crowd to help her spread the word. LINK "Vice President Dick Cheney and first lady Laura Bush will visit Iowa today in separate events aimed at maintaining President Bush's campaign drumbeat in the state," writes the Des Moines Register 's Thomas Beaumont. LINK

"President Bush said Monday that the United States would maintain pressure on Iran to abandon its nuclear weapons program, emphasizing that his administration was working with other countries and not confronting Iran on its own," writes the New York Times ' Elisabeth Bumiller. LINK The New York Times ' Paul Krugman Notes "apologists for President Bush's economic policies are frantically spinning the bad news." LINK Krugman helpfully runs through the "right" way to read the latest data, and the Wall Street Journal ed board and Jim Glassman couldn't disagree more.

Free Matt Cooper: The Washington Post reports that Time's Matt Cooper has been threatened with jail time for allegedly providing material evidence in the Plame case. LINK "While NBC fought a subpoena issued May 21 and was included in the opinion, it avoided a contempt citation after Tim Russert, moderator of NBC's Meet the Press, agreed to an interview over the weekend in which he answered a limited number of questions posed by special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald, NBC said in a statement."

The New York Times ' Adam Liptak looks at the federal judge's decision finding Time's Matt Cooper in contempt of court for not revealing the sources who told him the identity of an undercover CIA officer. LINK The Los Angeles Times amazingly leads with Russert and buries Cooper. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04: Surprise, surprise: Yucca Mountain will be the focus of Senator Kerry's visit to Nevada today. LINK

That contrasts with President Bush, who did not discuss Yucca when he was in Nevada in June, "despite ongoing criticism from Democrats for his approval of the project," says the Reno Gazette-Journal. LINK

But all stops by presidential candidates in Nevada have one thing in common, says the Las Vegas Review-Journal: they all "make a mess of valley traffic." LINK

It's a fight in Las Vegas today between the feds and local officials about how much warning Vegas' officials received regarding terror threats to the city. LINK and LINK The Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board takes the side of local officials in the he said/she said battle, asking if federal officials — like Osama bin Laden — dislike the city because they believe it is connected to "Satan." LINK

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