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David Wessel in the Wall Street Journal tries to get to the bottom of what raising taxes on upper income brackets actually means. LINK

The Washington Post 's Richard Cohen looks at the accusation that Kerry is a flip-flopper, claiming that "Bush has flipped and flopped with the best of them." LINK

The Denver Post's Karen Crummy steps in with some solid commentary on the art of this year's presidential prebuttle. LINK

Last week, as the Democratic convention was in full swing, President Bush toured his ranch with an editor of Field and Stream and posed for its cover. His interview is scheduled for the October issue, which will be out in late September.

Bettcha didn't know that Sen. John Kerry was interviewed for the same issue — or that Kerry and Bush were both interviewed for a special "he said, he said" article in the October issue of Outdoor Life.

So both candidates are appealing to the estimated 40 million self-identified outdoor sports enthusiasts fishermen and hunters.

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect :

USA Today 's Kathy Kiely writes about President Bush's "selling job ahead" in trying to court New Hampshire voters, and seems to unconsciously use the phrase "turning a corner" in her final paragraph. LINK

We can't help but wonder if this story in the New York Times — about Houston's crime lab in crisis — won't somehow make it into the discourse this fall, especially if questions are raised about death warrants signed by the former governor of Texas. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards:

Today, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth goes on the air with a 60-second TV spot questioning John Kerry's Vietnam record. The ad will feature veterans who will talk about Sen. Kerry's service record. The spot goes up in — Ohio, Wisconsin, and West Virginia, with a buy they claim is $500,000. As of the group's second-quarter FEC filing, they had $158,750 in donations, and had spent $60,403.

So perhaps characterizing their fundraising as "kicked up" isn't the right description.

We're told that this is the first, but not likely the last, ad buy the group will do, and they're planning events with veterans to shadow Kerry campaign stops.

Some opponents claim the buy is smaller — as always, as some of you have learned, heaven help the political identity that lies to the press about how much they are spending, and tries to transform a video press release into a real buy.

We aren't claiming that that is the case here, but we watch all first-time buyers closely, to make sure they put their money where their mouths are.

Jodi Wilgoren previews the swift boat ads in the New York Times . LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Maria La Ganga and Stephen Braun also write up the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth's new ad campaign. LINK

USA Today 's Mark Memmott calls it one of "the harshest ads of the presidential campaign." LINK

The New York Times ' Jim Rutenberg highlights the continuing barrage of ads for the Kerry campaign sponsored by a "newly formed arm of the Democratic Party." Read the end for a nice Tad Devine quote about coordination (or lack thereof) between the 527s and the campaign. And poor, lonely Ellen Moran! LINK

The Washington Post 's Glenn Kessler looks at Kerry's careful approach on Iraq, Noting that his questions about President Bush's decisions are "suggestive, not pointed." LINK

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