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Detroit is anxiously awaiting the details — to be released at 1:00 pm ET today — of the ACT/MoveOn concert that will be held in the city this fall. LINK

Can you feel the optimism in Arkansas? "July was a good month for the state government's tax collections," Arkansas's Democrat-Gazette writes, reporting that July's state revenue hit $331.6 million. LINK

Things are less upbeat in Colorado, where the stock of Qwest Communications plunged 20 percent yesterday as the Denver telco reported a much larger than expected $776 million loss for its second quarter. LINK

"Crime in Denver is up, with violent incidents posting a double-digit percentage increase and murders on pace to approach a decades-old unwanted record," the Denver Post reports. LINK

Colorado state prosecutors are investigating possible fraud involving suspicious voter registration forms filed in at least three metro Denver counties. LINK

And absentee ballots are being looked into, too. LINK

The Northwest Arkansas Times looks at the cost of printing ballots. One company says it would charge $1,900 to print 10,000 ballots . . . but beware, that doesn't even include the cost of the paper. LINK

Republican National Convention:

"The state's Temporary Commission on Lobbying signaled on Tuesday that any gifts given to delegates or other officials attending the Republican National Convention could come under scrutiny," reports the New York Times ' Al Baker. LINK

The New York Times ' Michael Slackman looks at some of the hardships delegates attending the RNC will endure. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

Describing Miami-Dade's election department as ''the laughingstock of the nation,'' Miami-Dade Commission Chairwoman Barbara Carey-Shuler demands that election problems be addressed quickly, reports the Miami Herald . LINK

Voters in Nevada's Clark County — home of Las Vegas — will be required this year to show ID when they enter the polls, says the AP. LINK

And that's a move long overdue, opines the ed board of the Las Vegas Review Journal. LINK

And just in time as well. The AP also reports that the Nevada Secretary of State is investigating after workers realized dozens of voter registration forms were all completed with the same handwriting. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

The Chicago Tribune tells us a little more about Keyes and Barthwell and Notes, "Still, the decision sets the stage for a historic Senate race in which for the first time in American history both major party candidates would be black. Both would be vying to become only the third elected black U.S. senator since the Reconstruction era." LINK

Grubb Barthwell vs. Keyes: LINK

Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate candidates Republican incumbent Arlen Specter and Democratic challenger Joe Hoeffel will debate once in Pittsburgh and once in Philadelphia. LINK

Nader-Camejo '04:

Maria Recio of Knight Ridder reports petition gatherers who want to put Ralph Nader on the West Virginia ballot are getting a bad reaction when they station themselves outside fund-raisers for Senator John Kerry. "One guy said he wanted to shoot me in the head," Gary Thompson, "who came away with only four or five signatures to get Nader on the ballot by Monday's state deadline." At a $1 per signature Thompson finds the enterprise much more lucrative, and safe — when he circulates at Republican events. "People would say, 'Hey, Nader, yeah, I'll sign,'" LINK

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