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As concern about the county's voting equipment continues, Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas asked that the election department study the feasibility of using different machines in November. LINK

The Miami Herald picks up on the potential voter phenomenon of "Gee, the name is familiar," Noting that candidates in Broward and Miami-Dade counties with names similar to better-known political figures can benefit — unintentionally or not — at the polls. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: battleground states: Kansas City voters approved a new arena in the downtown area on Tuesday. The Kansas City Star Notes it was the end to one "of the most bitterly contested issue campaigns in recent memory." Look for it to open in 2007. LINK

Under funded, yet impassioned, casino opponents kept the gambling out of the nostalgic resort town of Rockaway Beach, Mo. LINK

"Environmental concerns, Native American issues and a focus on rural America will be at the forefront of the Democrats' presidential campaign as John Kerry visits northern Arizona and the Grand Canyon on Sunday and Monday," writes the Arizona Republic. LINK

This piece in the Albuquerque Journal zones in on a New Mexico businessman that says he has seen firsthand the trickle-down effect from the Bush Administration's tax cuts. LINK

Maybe candidates visiting the state of West Virginia will talk to concerned voters about the environment — Charleston's air quality is only going to get worse as global warming speeds up formation of lung-damaging smog. LINK

But the "living is easy" in North Carolina. At least that's what the Raleigh News & Observer says, reporting that state officials expect a decline this year in mosquito-borne illnesses and shark attacks. LINK

Kerry will help boost the economy and balance the budget — so sayeth North Carolina House Speaker Jim Black and Virginia Gov. Mark Warner. LINK

But voters that listened to Senator John Ensign of Nevada yesterday got a different message: Bush's tax cuts help small businesses and the economy grow. LINK

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger spread his message around Nevada yesterday about the revival of his state's economy. How was the crowd? "More interested in the show than the substance," the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. LINK

Touting federal plans for homelessness in Las Vegas, supporters say Bush is standing behind his 10-year plan to end homelessness with an investment of $3 billion. LINK

The AP offers up some drama for you this morning regarding Nevada's Yucca Mountain project. LINK

"Detroit voters said yes to marijuana for medical purposes at the polls on Tuesday, and now, some are wondering how soon they can light up," reads this informative Detroit Free Press Q & A, which attempts to sort out the issue for citizens. LINK

The Detroit News offers lots of detailed write-ups of Tuesday's Michigan primaries. LINK

This stat just in: about 20 percent of Michigan voters, or 1.38 million, cast ballots in Michigan's Tuesday primary. LINK

Regardless of where she stands on the optimisms/pessimism debate, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is taking issues into her own hands with steps to spur manufacturing development and reverse auto-related employment losses in the state. LINK

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