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John Sullivan of the Philadelphia Inquirer writes, "An ad hoc committee formed by the Rendell administration to speed the implementation of slot machine gambling agreed yesterday to limit its scope after lawmakers raised concerns that the group would usurp some powers from the yet-to-be-formed gambling control board." LINK

Kerry made some pretty funny sports-related gaffes recently, so naturally the New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board is all over it. LINK

Officials gave the go-ahead for a Maine terrorism task force, which is intended to analyze intelligence and conduct investigations. LINK

With the improved weather, Maine's restaurants and hotels are looking for good times in August and September as the state's tourism industry hopes for a strong summer season finish, the AP reports. LINK

More and more towns in Maine are pledging to use anticipated increases in state school money to lower property taxes. LINK

The politics of same-sex marriage: The New York Times ' Monica Davey Notes that "leaders on each side of the [same-sex marriage] issue viewed Missouri's 70 percent approval of the amendment on Tuesday as a glimpse of what might lie ahead." LINK

"Support for the amendment was especially high in rural Missouri, where the yes votes often topped 80 percent. But the measure also did well in suburban areas and narrowly passed in Kansas City," writes Tim Hoover of the Kansas City Star. "The issue appeared to be failing in St. Louis." LINK

The Washington Post 's Alan Cooperman reports "After an overwhelming vote to ban gay marriage in Missouri on Tuesday, both sides said yesterday that an issue that has gained little traction in Congress appears to be resonating with the American people and could play a growing role in this year's congressional and presidential elections." LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Lynn Marshall and Elizabeth Mehren report, "Gay and lesbian couples can marry under Washington state law because denying them that right is unconstitutional, a judge ruled Wednesday." LINK

More: "If sustained, the ruling would go beyond the law in Massachusetts because Washington has no residency requirements and would allow out-of-state couples to wed."

Arkansas, which has a proposal similar to Missouri's on the ballot, will not necessarily accept the proposal as openly, writes Laura Kellams of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Republican National Convention: Bob Novak writes in a must-read that the White House and BC04 are intent on platform discipline. LINK

The New York Times ' Diane Cardwell reports "members of a group opposed to the Republican National Convention, many describing themselves as anarchists, said yesterday that they would carry out illegal protest activities on the convention's second day." LINK

Convention protesters? The AP's Sara Kugler's lead today is not a big surprise, but a glimpse at what's about to hit New Yorkers. "Activists plan to hold sit-ins at delegates' hotels, take over city intersections, block doors to major corporate offices, confront GOP leaders, and infiltrate events when Republicans come to town for their political convention." LINK

The New York Daily News Notes that protesters are a-comin' — with permits or not — in acts of civil disobedience. LINK

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