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— Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band/REM/Bright Eyes/John Fogerty — Dixie Chicks/ James Taylor — Pearl Jam/Death Cab for Cutie — Dave Matthews Band/Ben Harper/Jurassic 5/My Morning Jacket — Bonnie Raitt/Jackson Browne/Keb Mo — John Mellencamp/Babyface

The Note has yet to figure out the Mellencamp/Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds pairing — but the groovin' Matthews/Harper/J-5/MMJ ticket makes such perfect sense — it has to trust.

The tour is being organized by MoveOn's political action committee, MoveOn PAC LINK with all funds fueling the voter education and mobilization efforts of ACT. LINK

While it's no secret the tour is ultimately an effort to oust George W. Bush — the illusion is apparently going to be maintained that it is not a pro-Kerry jihad. Meaning, bands like Pearl Jam won't have to do as much backpedaling from their support for Ralph Nader's presidential candidacy in 2000.

No word yet on the Club For Growth's Ted Nugent tour.

In sum: if you're a Neil Young fan, check out My Morning Jacket. If you are Eddie Vedder — and you are reading these words — you should call Sarah Leonard as she's such a nice girl and says she Can't Find A Better Man. And if you're a Bruce Springsteen fan, tune in to "Nightline" tonight . . .

And the political media promises not to let our artistic sensibilities and love of "Candy's Room" impact our coverage of the Bush-Kerry race.

And we also promise to stop panting and figure out what political impact all this might have.

The politics of national security:

The New York Times ' Adam Nagourney highlights "the complications that face Mr. Kerry as he seeks to run a fall campaign that some Democrats say could be regularly interrupted by terror alerts." LINK

" … Mr. Kerry pointedly avoided saying Mr. Bush might be playing politics with terror. Democrats said he was concerned about being seen as trying to turn a national tragedy to his political gain, particularly if a warning turned out to be valid. His hesitancy to question the timing of the warnings, a line of attack that Democrats said could undercut Mr. Bush's terrorism record and his credibility, suggests how constrained Democrats are in criticizing Mr. Bush's handling of what is emerging as a central issue of his presidency."

"Polls show that Mr. Bush's handling of terrorism remains his only clear advantage over Mr. Kerry in a razor-close race, and the president would not be either human or the canny politician he has proved himself to be in the past if he did not do all he could to remind the public of that strong suit — and to reinforce it," writes the New York Times ' Todd Purdum. LINK

" … [But] Mr. Bush must also take pains not to be seen as letting the political tail wag the terrorism dog. Word that much of the newly discovered intelligence that prompted the latest alert was years old led even some law enforcement officials to wonder why Mr. Ridge had raised the threat level just now."

Ron Fournier wrote brilliantly on all this for the AP. LINK

The economy:

Consumer confidence is holding steady near its high for the year — well up from its level fewer than two months ago, according to the new ABC News/Money magazine Consumer Comfort Index. According to ABC News' Polling Unit, the index stands at -6 on its scale of +100 to -100, and its highest since early February.

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