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Dickinson College political science professor Crispin Sartwell takes to the Los Angeles Times' op-ed page to declare John Kerry's stance on abortion "self-serving and obvious[ly absurd]." LINK

William Safire calls Kerry the "great straddler." LINK

The Big Four: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin:

Florida delegates: blamed for 2000: LINK

And the belles of the ball: LINK

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Craig Gilbert reports that "Wisconsin sits persistently on everyone's tossup list, one of perhaps six or eight states in which neither side can convincingly claim a serious advantage and which just about every political actor that matters (candidate or group) is targeting." LINK

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Katherine Skiba leads with Mrs. Heinz Kerry and then writes about Kennedy, but doesn't write about Obama. LINK

The Columbus Dispatch's Jack Torry focuses on Senator Kennedy taking it to President Bush and sorts out whether anyone will vote for or against Kerry based on Kennedy. LINK

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's take on the THK speech. LINK

A 1922 wedding portrait confirms Elizabeth Edwards' deep roots in western Pennsylvania. LINK

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ann McFeatters of civility in politics and Vanessa Kerry "near tears." LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

The Wall Street Journal 's John McKinnon reports that the Bush Administration is expected to project a federal budget of $420 billion or more this year. Expect to hear about that in campaign commercials and rhetoric.

ABC News Vote 2004: casting and counting:

The touch screen lawsuit has been filed.

AP: "A coalition of election reform groups asked an administrative law judge Tuesday to strike a state rule that prevents counties using touchscreen voting machines from conducting manual recounts from the machines." LINK

And here's some evidence: "Detailed electronic records from Miami-Dade County's first widespread use of touchscreen voting machines were lost in computer server crashes last year, prompting more questions about the use of the machines. The crashes occurred in May and November of 2003, erasing information from the September 2002 gubernatorial primaries and deleting some records of other elections, Miami-Dade elections officials said Tuesday." LINK

The New York Times fronts the story: LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: the Senate:

The AP's Ron Jenkins reports "Former three-term Rep. Tom Coburn won the Republican nomination Tuesday for the seat of GOP Sen. Don Nickles, trouncing a popular Oklahoma politician after a bruising and expensive campaign marked by allegations of backstabbing and shady land deals." LINK

The world awaits Carson v. Colburn.

On Sunday, the New York Times Magazine will profile the heated Senatorial campaign in South Dakota. Sheryl Gay Stolberg writes that conservatives around the country are trying to knock off Senator Tom Daschle, a man the Club for Growth's Stephen Moore says "is seen as the Darth Vader of American politics by conservatives."

ABC News Vote 2004: battleground states:

Reporters in Michigan live to talk to Tait Sye's mother. In this clip, she rubs the Buddha. LINK

A former Republican Party official in New Hampshire accused of plotting to jam Democratic phone banks on election day 2002 — when Republican Rep. John Sununu beat outgoing Democratic Gov. Jeanne Shaheen for U.S. Senate — will plead guilty today. LINK

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