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On "Today," Elizabeth Edwards criticized the media, saying if Heinz Kerry's work for the people around her received "the same kind of play" as the "shove it" comment, "I'll be very pleased."

The Bush campaign's Nicolle Devenish and the Kerry campaign's Stephanie Cutter were interviewed by ABC's Charlie Gibson about women in campaigns. Asked about George Stephanopoulos' observation that Heinz Kerry's speech last night was the most feminist speech he's ever heard at a convention, Cutter said, "Oh, I don't know if it was that."

Democratic National Convention: tonight: Tonight beginning at 9:00 pm, the campaign will unveil 12 flag officers of the U.S. military who have endorsed Kerry and Edwards, including Ret. Gen. John Shalikashvili, who will speak to the delegates. Other generals and admirals will appear in a video. They include: Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark, Ret. Adm. William Crowe, Ret. Gen. Joseph Hoar, Lt. Gen. Claudia Kennedy, and Ret. Gen. Johnnie Wilson. Some will appear on stage after Gen. Shalikashvili speaks.

ABC's Mark Halperin reports: Steven Spielberg was an adviser on John Kerry's convention biographical video that will be shown Thursday night. Spielberg made recommendations to James Moll, who produced the film. Spielberg, who had been contemplating producing the biopic himself, screened a rough cut recently and offered up his ideas.

If you weren't in the hall post-gavel last night to see Senator and Mrs. Edwards do their podium walk-through, you missed quite a show.

There's surprisingly little newspaper curtain raising for tonight's star turn for the Man from Robbins.

What little there is:

Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Rick Lyman look at the top-of-the-ticket confidence Senator Edwards projects. LINK USA Today 's Joan Biskupic reports, "Wednesday night in Boston, as he accepts the Democratic nomination for vice president in a nationally televised speech, Edwards and his velvet hammer will embark on what will amount to a 14-week closing argument for a different type of client: Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry." LINK The paper's ed board writes that his "speech is likely to sound a bit like a Charles Dickens novel." LINK The Washington Post 's Lois Romano and Dale Russakoff write a complimentary bio of Senator Edwards. LINK Walter Shapiro writes, "For all the emotion, the cheers and the breathless analysis of the opening days of the convention, everything here — even John Edwards' speech tonight — is merely prelude to that moment when John Kerry will be crowned by a balloon-and-confetti drop." LINK From the St. Petersburg Times: "Officials from John Kerry's campaign and the Democratic Party got an advance look at the speech Senator Bob Graham will deliver tonight and gave him some advice: 'Tone it down.' They said Graham's speech was too critical of the Bush administration. 'They don't want it to be very confrontational, so we've had to make a few adjustments,' Graham said Tuesday." LINK

Democratic National Convention: Tuesday:

The Los Angeles Times' Barabak and McManus lead their convention Tuesday wrap up with Mrs. Heinz Kerry's commitment to her outspokenness. And, yes, that liberal lion description for Senator Kennedy gets some ink here, too. LINK

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