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The nation's leading newspapers always prefer to lead with some hard quasi-convention related news and so they did — mostly focused on Kerry's crafty proposal to extend the public life of the 9/11 commission.

The Los Angeles Times: LINK

"Some commission officials questioned whether Kerry's suggestion was practical. Though panel members plan to tour the country pushing their proposals, the commission's charter expires Aug. 26, and it wasn't clear where the money would come from to keep the group intact for so long or whether its members and staff would agree to do so."

"The election-season fight over confronting terrorism escalated Tuesday, as John F. Kerry called for the bipartisan Sept. 11 commission to be extended by 18 months to help implement its proposed intelligence reforms and pressure the White House and Congress for fast action," reports the Washington Post 's Jim VandeHei and Charles Babington. LINK The Wall Street Journal 's Jake Schlesinger takes a look at Senator Kerry's deliberative decision-making style.

Ron Brownstein gets some Republicans to lick their chops over John Kerry's decision to place national security in the convention spotlight when most polls show that issue is a winning issue for President Bush. LINK

Carla Anne Robbins of the Wall Street Journal details the broad foreign policy themes that Senator Kerry uses, and his reliance on his own military service as a way to showcase an expertise on national security. And there's that deliberative way about him again: "Advisers say that Mr. Kerry is by temperament and conviction a moderate who is not going to be pushed into more extreme positions simply to draw attention, such as setting a date for a U.S. pullout from Iraq."

The New York Times ' Roger Cohen writes that Kerry has an uphill battle in selling a tough foreign policy — which he must do to persuade voters to give him the job. LINK Johnny Apple cautions that Kerry has a delicate balance to achieve between the image of himself as a war hero and what he — and his fellow Democrats — think about the war in Iraq. LINK

Since Matea Gold is still writing about the misguided space suit photo, we think it is safe to say some advance folks might be coming off the road. LINK

Was the Kerry flight suit photo leaked? The Washington Times takes a look. LINK The Wall Street Journal 's Gerald Seib warns Democrats not to get too excited in the midst of their nominating convention frenzy over Senator Kerry. After all, polls show the race still even. Three things to watch, Seib writes: (1) Kerry hasn't yet sealed the deal on convincing voters to support him; (2) the dog days of August are a GOP advantage this year; and (3) anger toward President Bush only goes so far. LINK

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