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The Washington Post 's Mark Leibovich profiles DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe, noting "it would be understating things to say that McAuliffe is prone to overstating things. To deprive him of hyperbole and exaggeration would be like depriving a mathematician of numbers." LINK The New York Times ' Steven Greenhouse looks at the shifting strategy of liberals. LINK The New York Times ' Carl Hulse Notes that not all candidates for office this fall are clamoring for spotlight time at the Dem convention. LINK Gail Collins of the New York Times Notes: "These are the great themes of the Democratic convention: 1) This is the most important political contest in the memory of man, and 2) it will be decided by six people in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The issues are cosmic, and the candidates are addressing a population the size of Toledo." LINK Daniel Golden of the Wall Street Journal looks at the power of the nation's largest union, the National Education Association, and how the "rise of nonunion teacher associations is helping erode the longstanding clout of the NEA." As Golden lists the states where such non-union groups are growing, Note the battlegrounds among them (Washington, Arkansas, Missouri, and if you're feeling a certain way, Virginia).

The Wall Street Journal 's June Kronholz looks at the quid pro quo on No Child Left Behind that the NEA is expecting from Senator Kerry in exchange for its support.

"Democratic congressional candidates seem to be embracing an old political adage: If your opponent is self-destructing, don't get in the way," write the Washington Post 's Charles Babington and Brian Faler. "Buoyed by polls showing that most Americans feel the nation is on the wrong track (with Republicans controlling the House, Senate and White House), Democratic campaign leaders seem largely content to let anti-GOP sentiment run its course and, ideally, carry their party back to control of the House after a decade in the minority." LINK All signs of convention treatment point to delegates from George Bush' Texas being discounted — an airport hotel, lack of breakfast speakers, and more. LINK

The Wall Street Journal 's Convention Wire reports that the Iowa delegation is now loving Howard Dean. But more importantly (relative to where you are), Carl Bialik reports that the Secret Service has lifted its ban and declared umbrellas safe to bring into the Fleet Center compound!! We who are about to be rained on salute you. (Now we wonder when hairspray and makeup will make it off the banned list.)

If the names Bill Clinton, Roger Porter and Alex Blenkinsopp excite you (and they DO indeed excite more than the average Harvard Crimson alum), you will absolutely want to read this article: LINK Democratic National Convention: the money:

The Washington Post 's Jeffrey Birnbaum and Thomas Edsall highlight the large donations of lobbyists at the Democratic convention, which also means a large presence. LINK USA Today 's Kathy Kiely and Jim Drinkard report, "The outside political groups that have drawn attention this year for their fundraising on behalf of John Kerry are looking a lot like insiders this week at the Democratic convention." LINK

Democratic National Convention: outside the hall:

"The convention is only half over, as [Tom] Menino, 61, is quick to point out, but the rehabilitation of the popular mayor's image here is close to complete," Notes the Washington Post 's Jonathan Finer. LINK

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