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Democratic National Convention: the opposition: "Here in the heavily Democratic capital of one of America's bluest states, President Bush's campaign and the RNC have set up shop, determined not to abandon their megaphone even though Kerry and his party will drown them out all week," Notes the Washington Post 's Howard Kurtz. LINK The New York Times ' Kit Seelye takes a look at the GOP oppo shop in Boston. LINK "Tomorrow, the GOP will release an 11-minute videotape that officials say is designed to highlight Kerry's flip-flopping on the war issue," reports Ken Lovett of the New York Post . LINK Peter Wallsten of the Los Angeles Times reports the BC04RNC rapid response location has been disclosed and "Enron Ed" has found his way there. LINK

Democratic National Convention: the Democrats: The new ABC News/ Washington Post poll: "The critical convention season begins with John Kerry losing momentum at just the hour he'd like to be gaining it: President Bush has clawed back on issues and attributes alike, reclaiming significant ground that Kerry had taken a month ago." LINK The Post 's write-up: LINK The Democrats and the platform: LINK

It's all about reaching the middle class, writes the New York Times ' Robin Toner. And the message that the economy fared better under a Democratic President is the one the party is trying to drive home. LINK The New York Times ' David Halbfinger went to the veterans caucus and looks at the role of veterans — an estimated 500 of them at the convention — in the campaign. LINK Johnny Apple nostalgically writes of the 1964 convention, when there was dissent and fighting over issues, when Bobby Kennedy spoke and "hardened pols wept." "Don't expect moments like that at John Kerry's convention. Fenway Park produced more drama last weekend than you are likely to see at the Fleet Center this week, what with the brawl between the Yankees and Red Sox on Saturday and Senator Kerry's surprise appearance to throw out the first ball on Sunday night." LINK The New York Times ' Jodi Wilgoren and Randal Archibold spent a little time with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean as he makes the rounds at the convention. LINK Raja Mishra of the Boston Globe looks at the swing voters within the swing states, the demographics that need to be one in order to turn the purple state red or blue: "Latino diversity," "Appalachia brawn," "Michael Moore liberals," and "Medicare conservatives." LINK

The Boston Globe 's Susan Milligan reports the Democratic focus on "Wal-Mart women" — "The 42 female House Democrats plan to fan out around the country after the party's nominating convention ends Thursday and head to battleground states to register women." LINK

Democratic National Convention: the money: The Wall Street Journal 's John Harwood takes an excellent walk through the world of 527 groups, examining the ways that McCain-Feingold has changed politics — particularly for Democrats who are more organized in message and money than ever before.

More: LINK The Wall Street Journal 's Alan Murray writes that corporate America has sat on the sidelines this election year — though thankfully not at the conventions. We were really glad to get our box of Democratic macaroni and cheese this time around.

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