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"What we saw in Michigan yesterday is that Ralph Nader is indeed willing to sell his very integrity and soul to the extreme right-wing and the Bush White House, said Chris Kofinis, strategist for, "What is so amazing is that Nader would work with the same Republicans that have tried to destroy every progressive cause he has ever stood for. This is a tragic moment in the legacy of Nader and sad day for those who once respected what Nader stood for." LINK

Terry McAuliffe lays the smack down too. "Ralph Nader's decision today aligned him with the Republican Party, their corporate supporters, and groups like Pat Buchanan's Reform Party, the kind of right wing conservatives Nader has spent a lifetime fighting against." LINK

Moving right along, today Nader supporters plan to submit enough signatures to get him on the ballot in New Jersey today. They will hold a press conference to denounce "dirty tricks" on behalf of Democrats.

Nader's next deadlines are Missouri on the 26th and West Virginia on Aug. 1, speaking of which …

The Charleston Gazette reports Nader's campaign willingly admits it has hired a controversial Florida firm to gather signatures in its effort to get on the West Virginia ballot. "You have to do what you have to do to get on the ballot," Kevin Zeese, Nader's campaign spokesman in Washington, D.C., said about utilizing JSM Inc. employees. Note, Nader used the same firm in Arizona, where many of his signatures were nullified when it was discovered that firm had used a convicted felon to collect signatures. LINK

And in Green news: "Cobb, the Green Party presidential nominee, is hoping to boost his bid to get on the ballot in Ohio during a swing through Columbus and the state this week," reports the Columbus Dispatch. LINK

The politics of atomic elbows:

World Wrestling Entertainment was in the nation's capital on Monday, holding a voter registration event on Capitol Hill and hosting U.S. military personnel, campaign staffers, and media types at reception prior to their live broadcast of WWE RAW from the MCI Center. Be on the lookout for some to-the-point WWE public service announcements on voting distributed in conjunction with the League of Women Voters. The Note was lucky to get some exclusive behind-the-scenes looks at the WWE's production, but we're not going to tell you any of those secrets! We will tell you this: spotted in the crowd, in addition to the Washington Redskins cheerleaders, were Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) and ABC News' own Geoff Morrell!


Due to what has been described to us as sleep deprivation, a correspondent for The Note horrified Florida transportation planners and extended I-4 hundreds of miles South to Ft. Lauderdale yesterday. The I-4 corridor, of course, runs through Orlando from Daytona and ends near Tampa. It does not extend anywhere else, and it does not infringe upon the metaphysical territory of I-75 or I-95 or A1A or the Turnpike (the Reagan Turnpike) and all other lovely Florida roads. We regret the error.

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