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Michael Finnegan (filling in for Matea for that tough Nantucket assignment) has the Kerry-Edwards pre-convention itinerary all mapped out for you. LINK

There also seems to be an interesting Los Angeles Times story about Los Angeles yogis for Kerry, but the Calendar section restrictions prohibit us from reading it online.

Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel opines about the lack of access the traveling press had to Sen. John Edwards during his recent campaign swing in Florida, where, he writes, the press was herded like animals. LINK

Scott: you need to go on a White House trip!!!!

The Florida AP Notes Sen. Kerry's visit to Cape Canaveral on Monday, the first day of the Democratic National Convention. LINK

The Washington Post's E.J. Dionne opines that "the revisionist history of the Dean campaign has already begun," and that "above all, Dean's rise in 2003 was a symptom of the Democratic rank and file's intense desire to turn itself into a fighting force. The higher Dean went in the polls, the sharper his rivals became in their criticisms of Bush." LINK

The Minneapolis Star Tribune's Muriel Dobbin and David Westphal throw around words like "underwhelming" as they detail Kerry's campaign style and write that Kerry, "has not put to rest doubts about his ability to connect in a personal and dynamic way with voters." LINK

Roll Call's David Winston follows up Elizabeth Edward's boast about her ticket's largess on "60 Minutes." LINK

Felix Rohatyn, an investment banker and former U.S. ambassador to France, writes in today's Wall Street Journal why he plans to vote for John Kerry in November. Sounds like a good SecTreas rehearsal to us . . .

The Sun-Sentinel listened in on the presidential candidate's Jewish younger brother's appearance in Boca, where he, Cameron Kerry, spoke to an audience of about 400. "Playing to the mostly Jewish audience, Kerry, 53, focused on what he sees as the Bush family's friendship with the Saudi royal family, the administration's pandering to Arab states and the lack of aggression toward Iran."LINK

The New York Daily News gave some play to the DWI case involving John Edwards' brother. LINK

ABC News Vote 2004: Bush-Cheney re-elect:

Jonathan Weisman of the Washington Post reports that the president is pushing for Congress to extend a series of his tax cuts before they recess at the end of the week. LINK

The AP's Dalrymple reports, "Republican divisions in the Senate could complicate efforts to extend three of President Bush's most popular tax cuts this week. If allowed to expire, Americans could pay $50 more in taxes and lose up to $300 in tax benefits for each child next year." This is the lead story in the Arizona Republic and the Arizona Daily Sun, plus more. LINK

The Washington Post's Ceci Connolly looks at Vice President Cheney's speech on medical malpractice yesterday in Toledo, Ohio, Noting Cheney articulated "a health policy vision nearly opposite the one advocated by the Democratic presidential ticket." LINK

In Toledo, Cheney accused Democrats of siding with lawyers in malpractice reform, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. LINK

And during a Q&A with supporters in Missouri, Cheney attacked the Democratic ticket for their votes on medical liability reform and said "They don't want to see reform of that system. I think it's because, frankly, they are too close to the plaintiffs' attorneys that benefit from the system and the way it operates today." LINK

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