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Also on Tuesday, voters head to the polls to vote in primaries in Georgia and North Carolina. In North Carolina, the main focus will be on the race among Republicans for the right to challenge Gov. Mike Easley. In Georgia, all eyes are on the Republicans in the Senate primary in the race to succeed Democratic Sen. Zell Miller.

On Wednesday, President Bush speaks at the annual President's Dinner, Sen. Edwards has two evening fundraisers in New York City, and Sen. Kerry departs his Nantucket vacation for Boston, followed by Detroit.

On Thursday all eyes will be on the 9/11 commission, which releases its final report. President Bush uses the day to sign the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act and speak about homeland security at the Northeastern Illinois Public Training Academy. Senator Kerry will be in Detroit, addressing the Urban League.

On Friday President Bush delivers his own address to the Urban League before traveling to Crawford, Texas to do some RNC finance business and to spend the weekend.

Sens. Kerry and Edwards kick off their pre-convention national tour in Aurora, Colo., at the Army hospital where Kerry was born. Kerry then travels to Sioux City, Iowa on Saturday; Columbus on Sunday; Cape Canaveral, Fla. on Monday; Norfolk, Va., on Tuesday; Philadelphia on Wednesday; and Boston for his convention speech on Thursday. Sen. Edwards travels to Milwaukee on Saturday and North Carolina on Monday and is in Boston on Tuesday.

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

The Washington Post's John Harris examines the "liberal" label, and tries to figure out if, and how much, John Kerry will be affected — or afflicted — by it in the eyes of the voters. Given the relatively small number of voters who identify themselves as liberals, it's a dicey proposition for Kerry to allow himself to be defined that way — which is why he's fighting it. At the same time, though the Bush-Cheney camp is pulling out the liberal guns by pointing to Kerry's voting record and National Journal's analysis, there are Democrats who argue that ratings are not just black and white, and that the liberal label alone, particularly set in a historical context, isn't necessarily enough to tar Kerry in voters' minds. LINK

"One of Kerry's more effective defenses against the charge that he is a reflexive liberal may be the support of the centrist Democratic Leadership Council, or DLC. Formed in 1985 out of concern that the party had drifted too far left, the group has rarely hesitated to criticize Democrats who it believes cleave to an outdated special-interest brand of liberalism. The DLC, which criticized former Vermont governor Howard Dean's candidacy in last winter's primaries, has been enthusiastic all year about Edwards and Kerry."

Under a headline claiming to describe "The real John Kerry," the Boston Herald's Guarino and Miga explain how Sen. Kerry "wasn't any normal kid." LINK

The AP takes note of Sen. Byrd's words that Kerry "can win West Virginia's five electoral votes by going there and getting coal "dust on his hands and on his face."" LINK

The AP's Duncan Mansfield wraps Elizabeth Edwards' first solo general election campaign stop. LINK

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