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Newspaper reviews don't get much better than this. The Miami Herald writes of Sen. Edwards' first solo visit to the Sunshine State since becoming the second half of the Democratic ticket this way: "Campaign strategists had hoped the selection of the one-time John Kerry rival who earned plaudits during the primaries for a sunny disposition would energize the Democrat's campaign, and it appeared to work on the Broward crowd of 350." LINK

Hoo-rahs for Edwards in central Florida. LINK

The Raleigh News & Observer's Rob Christensen introduces us to a Los Angeles comedian who's very excited to begin impersonating Sen. Edwards . . . and the self-proclaimed Schwarzenegger Republican says he'll vote for Kerry-Edwards because he likes Edwards' talk of job creation. (It kind of makes sense for this guy if you think about it.) LINK

An Arkansas News column calls the race for Kerry based on the demographic of Americans who are migrating to Mexico. LINK

The AP reports on a New Hampshire historian who thinks he has traced Kerry's family roots to Ireland. LINK

We thought Kerry Edwards sounded like the prettiest girl at the prom, but a bail bondsman also lays claim to that name — and that Web site. LINK


In a recent Note, we incorrectly stated that John Kerry had received a campaign contribution from Charles Kushner within the year. Mr. Kushner last contributed to Kerry in 1996. We regret the error.

ABC News Vote 2004: Kerry-Edwards '04:

The New York Daily News' Tom DeFrank looks at Vice President Cheney on the campaign trail, and writes that unlike in 2000 when Cheney was seen as important to gain swing voters, this time around "the veep is preaching to the choir." LINK

DeFrank Notes that Cheney delivers some of his best lines "with the passion of a stalactite" but this is seen as the "perfect foil to the youthfulness and inexperience of Edwards."

"'So he's charisma-challenged," a GOP operative says. "He's not an empty suit like the other guy.'"

Tamara Lipper and Evan Thomas wrote in their Newsweek must-read profile of the "dangerous to cross and easy to disappoint," straight-shootin', tight-knit Cheney-clan, "The Family has been feeling a little besieged lately." LINK

Be sure to read close the part in which Lynne Cheney allegedly goes after that nice Steve Scully.

Janet Hook of the Los Angeles Times looks at the brick walls that keep stopping President Bush's initiatives in Congress this year — and it's not always the Democrats' fault. LINK

Hook looks at how this will affect President Bush in the election season:

"But some Republicans worry that an anemic record this year will be a political problem, because one of their prime arguments for reelecting Bush and GOP majorities in Congress is that a government dominated by one party can get more done than a divided government."

And also touches on the second term agenda problem for the president:

"Bush has so far done little to flesh out a new agenda for a second term beyond continuing and building on existing policies. But what is left of his first-term agenda will probably remain stalled unless the makeup of Congress changes significantly."

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