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Yvonne Abraham reports in the Boston Globe on the extensive training waiting for Democratic delegates in Boston. Strategists such as James Carville and Donna Brazile will train delegates "how to run campaigns, raise money, and mobilize voters," special session will even be held for younger activists, veterans, and other groups. LINK

They may not be getting prime time coverage, but the Boston Globe reports of the search for the perfect state delegation breakfast speakers. LINK

Will the union disagreement settlement in Massachusetts be solved by Monday? The lead in Boston Globe's Klein and Estes story today isn't so reassuring, "Union allies are threatening to walk out of a state panel hearing today should Mayor Thomas M. Menino's last-ditch effort to achieve a police union contract before his Democratic National Convention kickoff parties Sunday night be raised." LINK

More state delegations may decide to "dis" Boston Mayor Menino next week by not crossing picket lines at the Democratic National Convention, according to the Boston Herald. LINK

A Boston Globe editorial likens waiting for the convention to start to waiting for a blizzard, "How bad will it be? How good will it be? The predictions depend on the predictor." LINK

Gary Bauer thinks Ron Reagan's speech at the Democratic National Convention is "a cute little story for convention coverage," but not much beyond that. The Los Angeles Times' Faye Fiore talks with some Republicans who are offended by the appearance and also reports Nancy Reagan will not be addressing the GOP gathering in New York. LINK

Convention seating could be quite strategic. With swing states seen as critical in November, well-seated states include New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Mexico, Oregon and Maine. North Carolina is also front and center with Massachusetts. LINK

On this day when the Republicans get the keys to Madison Square Garden, city cops, firefighters, and teachers will be protesting in the area as a part of their fights for new contracts. LINK and LINK

The New York Times' Adam Cohen wonders whether 2004 in New York will look like 1968 in Chicago. LINK

The debates:

Security preparations are well underway in St. Louis for a potential presidential debate in October despite the fact that President Bush has yet to accept the debate invitation. LINK

The politics of national security:

The Washington Post's Walter Pincus examines acting CIA Director John McLaughlin's reaction yesterday on "Fox News Sunday" disagreeing with the recommendation coming from the 9/11 commission that a Cabinet-level intelligence chief. McLaughlin said that a CIA director could perform the necessary functions of oversight over the intelligence community, and said that the new post would add an additional layer of bureaucracy. LINK

Pincus also Notes that "the commission seeks to politically insulate the position and is expected to note that the United States appears more vulnerable to terrorist attacks during transitions from one administration to the next."

The debate over an intelligence czar got lots of Sunday airtime and therefore a few inches in Monday newspapers.

The Los Angeles Times: LINK

The New York Post: LINK

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