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Protest groups for the Boston convention seem to be following the footsteps of those in New York, filing a suit against the city claiming it is preventing free speech with placement of demonstration area, the Boston Herald reports. LINK

Gannett News Service's Mike Madden looks at all the money involved in putting the Democratic convention together. LINK

The executive producer, David G. Mugar, of Senator Kerry's failing Boston Pops concert dreams (not to be confused with the Boston Pops concert being held by Boston 2004), has resigned because he has not been paid, reports the Boston Globe 's Abraham. LINK

And in another example of failed planning, it looks like those delegates bringing their children are on their own when it comes to child care in Boston. The Boston Globe Notes the lack of arrangements organizers made. LINK

To help all you TV directors and producers out there, Heather Allen of the Boston Globe writes up the unveiling of the transformed Fleet Center yesterday, complete with all sorts of technological details. LINK

While Noting that none of the broadcast television networks plans to carry Ron Reagan's speech live, the Washington Post 's Lisa de Moraes inexplicably singles out CBS for its explanation that an eight-minute speech doesn't justify another hour of coverage. LINK

The Boston Globe highlights the young Americans whose essays won them speaking rights at the convention next week. LINK

Audrey Hudson of the Washington Times accounts for the surveillance to be used during the Democratic Convention in Boston. LINK

Michael Slackman of the New York Times profiles concierges and their preparations for upcoming conventions in New York and Boston. LINK

A must-read for journalists and press-bashers alike!!!

House Republicans are delivering a letter today, signed by "at least 127 House Republicans" asking that Rep. Henry Hyde be given a speaking roll at the GOP convention in New York. LINK

No sweeping bag searches for demonstrators at the Republican National Convention, so says a Manhattan federal judge. LINK

And some cops on the front lines are none too pleased about it. LINK

The woes of a delegation from a safe Blue State: Bad seating. LINK

The New York Times ' Rick Lyman profiles New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. LINK

As we told you in last week's Note, thousands of Democratic activists will get on-the-job training in campaigning, media relations, grassroots building and get-out-the-vote work this weekend — work before the play. Organizers hope that 2,000 of them will be young voters, brought up to Boston on buses from locales as far away as Kentucky.

The training takes place at the Hynes Auditorium from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the convention.

The GAIN folks have smartly opened it all to the press.

While it might seem tailor-made for fluff stories or producers who need seven hours of daily broadcasts to fill, such a large-scale training will undoubtedly produce results for Democrats in subsequent cycles, provided the organizers to their jobs right.

The politics of national security: The New York Times ' Shenon writes up President Bush's comments yesterday on Iran and al Qaeda. LINK

Vince Morris of the New York Post does the same and wonders if President Bush is getting ready to focus more attention on the Iranian portion of "the axis of evil." LINK

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